20 July 2016 | Organized Play

2016 North American Championship Prizes

What You Could Win at the 2016 North American Championships

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to unveil the 2016 North American Championship prizes!

The 2016 North American Championships will raise the bar of competition, widen the field of opponents, connect players from around the globe, and, of course, award unique and exclusive prizes to the most successful players in the field.

Adorned with the Laurels of Victory

Click on the games below to see what you could win at a North American Championship you attend:

Compete With The Best

The North American Championships are some of the most exciting tournaments of the year, and will pit your skills against some of the best players of your favorite games. Gen Con plays host to these important tournaments in the Championship Series, August 4th through 7th. Join the field of competition and win prizes to showcase your success at your next tournament! Place in the Top 4, and you can claim and purchase a reserved seat at the 2016 World Championship. Better yet, win it all and earn a first round bye at the 2016 World Championship! (Note: 2016 North American Champions and Top 4 competitors must fill out this form by October 4th, 2016 to claim and purchase their reserved seat, and/or notify us of their intention to attend.)



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