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Three Skirmish Playmats Are Now Available for Imperial Assault

“From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion.”
–Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce three new Skirmish Maps for Imperial Assault:

  • Training Ground Skirmish Map
  • Nelvaanian War Zone Skirmish Map
  • Coruscant Landfill Skirmish Map

Now, you can dive into your skirmish games quickly and easily, whether you’re playing at your kitchen table or in a premier tournament. Proudly displaying each of the three currently tournament-legal Imperial Assault skirmish maps, these natural rubber playmats provide an easy setup for your missions while also protecting your figures and tiles from unnecessary wear and tear. 

Measuring 26” by 26”, each Skirmish Map features the rooms, corridors, and twisted hallways of a skirmish mission, all printed on the playmat so setup never takes more than seconds. With plenty of room along the outside borders to place your Deployment cards and tokens, easy references for setup zones, and stunning artwork drawn from the Star Wars galaxy, these Skirmish Maps offer the definitive Imperial Assault skirmish experience. As a final touch, you’ll even find additional copies of the Skirmish cards for each map included with the playmat, giving you easy access to everything you need to activate your strike team.

Battlefields of the Galactic Civil War

Three distinct Skirmish Maps await your invading troops, and each of them poses unique challenges to your forces.

You may battle through the Training Ground Skirmish Map, which rapidly changes between a heavily forested floor and a pristine Imperial facility. Two unique skirmish missions invite you to reprogram remotes with your data or trick your opponent into guessing which unit is your most important. No matter which mission you play, this Skirmish Map draws you into the action with evocative art of the Rebel soldier Fenn Signis and an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Alternatively, your skirmishes may take you into the snowy wastes of the Nelvaanian War Zone Skirmish Map. Here, much of the battlefield is covered in snow and trenches, and you’ll need to fight hard if you’re going to recover broken Droids or stay near a constantly moving string of patrol Droids. As you venture into the cold, you can draw inspiration from the iconic artwork that borders this Skirmish Map, featuring Darth Vader and Diala Passil.

The heaping junk piles of Coruscant set the stage for your skirmish games with the Coruscant Landfill Skirmish Map. Carrying lucrative crates back to your base can give you victory points in one skirmish mission, while the other challenges your strike team to engage in battle around the lair of a ravenous dianoga. Whether you’re playing in a high-stakes tournament or just a friendly match at your home, you can enjoy the artwork of Biv Bodhrik and IG-88 that frames this playmat.

Strike Team: Ready

The battles of the Galactic Civil War are already raging around you, and there’s no time to waste. Dive into the fray with three Imperial Assault Skirmish Maps and protect your tiles at your next big tournament. Order your Imperial Assault Skirmish Maps at your local retailer today!

  • Training Ground Skirmish Map
  • Nelvaanian War Zone Skirmish Map
  • Coruscant Landfill Skirmish Map

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