1 July 2016 | Organized Play

A New Quarter of Kits

Retailers: Pre-order 2017 Quarter 1 Tournament Kits Now


Quarter 1 Tournament Kits Are Now Available for Pre-order!

Pre-order: June 30, 2016 - July 28, 2016

  • USA Retailers: Contact your distributor, or click "Retailer Information" below to contact our sales team.
  • International Retailers: Contact your local distributor.

Release Date: Early January 2017

Prize Previews: Coming Soon


Play for Fun and Prizes!

All around the world, retailers award the prizes in Tournament Kits to players competing in their events!

For each of the , a new Tourament Kit is released each quarter, with refreshed prizes for players to compete for.

The time for retailers to pre-order 2017 Quarter 1 Tournament Kits is now through July 28th. Retailers should make sure to obtain enough to support all of their events for Quarter 1 of 2017, January through March.


Each 2017 Quarter 1 Tournament Kit contains prizes for the game it supports:

  • 17 Core Prize Cards – A card from the game, featuring alternate art
  • 3 Elite Prize Cards – A different card featuring alternate art as well 
  • 2 Elite Prize Items – Upgraded game components, like an acrylic dial or a set of tokens
  • Optional instructions for holding a fun and concise tournament

Prizes for the Quarter 1 Tournament Kits will be previewed before the Quarter 2 Tournament Kits become available for pre-order.

Visit our Tournament Kit webpage to keep tabs on every Quarterly Tournament Kit for 2017 and prize previews for each game!

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