18 April 2016 | Organized Play

The Championship Series

An Organized Play-by-Play on the Competitive Tournament Structure


The Championship events offered by Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play are tournaments which embrace the spirit of competition. These Championships are arranged into ascending levels of increasing prestige and exclusivity. They range from Store Championships—the most widely available and welcoming level—all the way to the World Championships—the culmination of the previous twelve months of competitions.

All of these Championships are designed to allow entry to all participants, taking into account factors such as capacity and preregistration. However, as the prestige and exclusivity increase, the environment and level of play elevates as well. While each event should be enjoyable for any player, some players may find that certain levels more closely align with their preferred style of play or desired experience.

This Organized Play-by-Play article examines the elements which make each Championship level special. The availability, tournament tier, round structure, and prizes for each type of Championship help to communicate the expectations that all participants can share.

Store Championships

Regional Championships

National Championships

North American & European Championships

World Championships

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