17 March 2016 | Hoax

Trust No One

Hoax Is Now Available


Prepare your disguise and practice your poker face! The new edition of Hoax is now on sale at your local United States retailer and online through our webstore. In Hoax, three to six players each take on the secret identity of a member of the Vargas family or household. No matter your true identity, your goal is to eliminate all your competitors by catching them in a lie. The catch? Making a false accusation will take you out of the game! If you want to make informed accusations, you’ll have to amass resources and spend them to investigate other players. To win, you’ll have to both avoid accusations and judiciously make them, all the while making your opponents believe that all your lies are true. 

This new edition was created with the help of original designers Bill Eberle and Peter Olotka. The new edition of Hoax features a contemporary setting with more characters and each role fine-tuned with specific immunities and powerful privileges. Reference sheets to help you track identities and lies are included, and a new scoring system allows you to play Hoax over multiple rounds.

Bluffs and Betrayal

In our recent preview, we took a closer look at investigating your competition, but that is just one of many strategies that lead to victory in Hoax. Will you try to fly under the radar and let your opponents eliminate each other? Or will you try to lie your way riches by misleading and double-crossing your rivals? Regardless of your approach, you’ll need to be ruthless if you want to outwit the other claimants. 

Untold wealth awaits for those ambitious and morally flexible enough to claim it. Pick up your copy of Hoax at your local retailer or through our webstore. Then, gather your friends and bluff and backstab your way to incredible riches! 

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