11 March 2016 | Hoax

The Truth of the Matter

Discover the Truth of the Mysterious Hoax


Separating fact from fiction can often be difficult, and this has never been more true than with the new edition of Hoax! Embroiled in a web of deceit spun by greedy and treacherous family and friends vying for the fortune of Hector Vargas, you’ll need every shred of cunning at your disposal to unravel the conspiracy. Today’s preview will take a closer look at how players investigate these nefarious claimants as you maneuver to become Vargas’s rightful heir.

In Hoax, your goal is to eliminate your competition by catching them in a lie. However, you must beware; a false accusation will get you eliminated instead. Fortunately, there are other methods for gathering the information needed to make a solid accusation…

Investigate the Competition

Throughout a game of Hoax, players make claims in order to utilize the privileges of a character. Claims allow you to amass resources and keep your opponents guessing as to your true identity. It is inevitable in this game of bluffing and betrayal that other players will make claims that ring false. When that happens, savvy players will have several methods at their disposal to refute the claim. You could call “Hoax!” and put the doubtful claim to a group vote. However, if the claim is truthful, the claimant automatically wins the game and the fortune. While teamwork may be helpful in certain situations, never lose sight that only one person can inherit the Vargas fortune—you might prefer to work alone. You could make an accusation, but without enough information to be fairly certain, you might find yourself eliminated. 

Investigating another player allows you to gather information without the risk of being eliminated and without having to share it with your rivals. On your turn, as an action, you must spend one resource of each type to investigate. The subject of your investigation then uses the Suspicion deck to give you a clue as to his true identity by shuffling three false identity cards along with the card bearing his true identity together for you to inspect. As long as you have the resources to spend, you can investigate as many times on your turn as you would like to, and you can target the same person multiple times in a turn. In this way, you can gather information secretly to help you scheme and strategize. 

With cleverly timed investigations and careful consideration of all the information you’ve picked up over the course of the game, you’ll be able to make more educated accusations and successfully manipulate your way into a fortune. 

Turn the Tables 

In a game as cutthroat as Hoax, filled with opponents who seek to undermine and usurp you at every turn, nothing is as simple as it seems. If you are the target of an investigation, you can—and should—use it to your advantage. The possibilities for misleading your investigator abound!

One strategy is to include identities from the Suspicion deck that have privileges you want to use in coming turns. If you really want to use the Butler’s privilege, for example, you may choose to place that identity in the mix you give to the investigator. Then, when you claim to be the Butler later, it may make your opponent less likely to suspect your true identity. 

Of course, you’ll want to be wary about revealing too much information accidentally. If you are investigated multiple times by the same person, it may be wise to repeatedly include the same false identity to keep them from deducing your true identity straight away.

No matter how you decide to play it, Hoax offers plenty of opportunities for clever machinations and mind games. Lie, bluff, and accuse—the only way to win is to eliminate your competition.

Plot Your Path to Fortune

Are you deft enough to maneuver through the nefarious schemes and clever traps your opponents may set? Will you be able to plan for every contingency? Only one of your gathering of devious conspirators will lay claim to the Vargas fortune… can you ensure your success?

Hoax is coming soon to your local retailer, so pre-order your copy today!

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