Predatory Species

Meet the Dangerous New Species of No Disintegrations

From the sprawling Coruscant streets to the dangerous frontier of the Outer Rim, bounty hunters ply their valuable—and violent—trade. Mob bosses and corrupt politicians, criminal masterminds and debt-dodging deadbeats; scum of all stripes must remain wary of a possible (or probable) contract bearing their name. Whether the request is legal or less-than, a reliable bounty hunter as good as guarantees a successful transaction… as long as the credits are equally reliable.

Packed full of species, specializations, and gear, the No Disintegrations sourcebook for Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire™ offers a wealth of exciting new options for neophyte trackers and veteran hunters alike. In today’s preview, we’ll look at the three new species on offer in No Disintegrations. Each provides a useful mechanical foundation for pursuing ne’er-do-wells across the stars as well as unique story hooks to provide you with inspiration to create a living citizen of the galaxy.

Looking Out

The natives of Devaron were some of the earliest explorers and cartographers of the galaxy owing to their natural inclination to wanderlust and restlessness. More so than their contribution to galactic civilization, Devaronians are remarkable for their visage: their cranial horns and sharp teeth cause them to appear as the demons and monsters found in the legends of myriad galactic cultures. Female Devaronians typically do not grow the horns, which may be surprising to outsiders since the males of the species are more commonly encountered in the galaxy at large. Males tend to succumb more readily to the desire to strike out on their own, which results in many of the power structures on Devaron being governed by women.

Like Clawdites, Devaronians are often exceptionally Cunning, and they generally place less of an emphasis on making their Presence known.

These traits, along with their natural hardiness and aptitude for talking their way out of trouble, suit them perfectly for the nomadic life of a bounty hunter in the Outer Rim. Their access to a free rank in the Survival skill makes the Survivalist specialization an attractive choice, while a strong Cunning score contributes well to a Gadgeteer’s use of Coercion and Streetwise to track down a target or avoid incoming trouble.

Blending In

Reptilian humanoids hailing from the wasteland world of Zolan, Clawdites possess a genetic ability that makes even the most affable Human con-artist jealous. For the minor expenditure of strain and a successful Resilience check, a Clawdite can change the color, shape, and texture of their skin to match that of any other person they have previously encountered. The above average Cunning possessed by Clawdites is essential to preserving such a ruse, as their Deception skill sells the impersonation to suspicious enemies. While some people find this attribute of Clawdites to be exceptionally appealing, it tends to spark a measure of distrust and unease in others.

The ability to disappear into literally any crowd is an obvious boon to those in a predatory profession like bounty hunting, but is also supremely valuable to a member of an Age of Rebellion™ campaign, giving an Infiltrator another layer of protection from discovery or an Ambassador a way to discreetly travel to meet with Rebel sympathizers. Similarly, a Clawdite Shadow in a Force and Destiny™ campaign would benefit greatly from shape-shifting abilities that allow them to mingle freely in multiple underworld organizations.

Walking Alone

Debuting in Marvel’s Kanan: The Last Padawan comic series, Kallerans are a semi-amphibious species whose homeworld is no stranger to conflict. Precious resources found on the Outer Rim planet of Kaller have attracted scores of powerful organizations over the millennia, some more benign than others. This constant disruption of their world has fractured the Kalleran people to the point that they do not possess a pervasive culture as a species, but instead champion individualism over group ideology.

Physically, Kallerans are tall and lean, often standing two meters or more. Their brawny physique and acute senses are perfectly suited to a life of confrontation and action. They each possess a set of antennae that they utilize to supplement their speech by conveying emphasis and subtext and can also be used to silently “speak” to one another through a simple vocabulary of movements and gestures that strangers will generally not recognize. This is not an untrainable technique, however, so a Kalleran could certainly train her friends to read her intent—much like other species would use hand signals—when silence or subterfuge are required.

Kallerans excel where they can bring their powerful physiques to bear. The devastating Assassin specialization is a natural fit for a hunter who uses fearsome melee weapons to clear a path to their prey. The Martial Artist, a new specialization arriving in No Disintegrations, is also a perfect complement to the Kalleran’s Brawn advantage and naturally high strain value which can be used to mitigate attacks that may put the hunter’s life in danger. Force-sensitive Kallerans may find themselves drawn to the Aggressor or Shii-Cho Knight specializations where she can occupy the front lines of combat.

Check back with us soon to size up even more character and campaign options that will arrive in No Disintegrations this winter!

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