15 November 2016 | Organized Play

2017 May Track Store Championships

Retailers Must Pre-Order By December 13th!


Retailers: Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce that 2017 Store Championship Kits (May Track) are now available for pre-order! United States retailers should contact our sales team by Tuesday, December 13th 23:59 CST (Central Standard Time) to place their pre-orders for May Track games' Store Championship Kits, to be used from May through August of 2017. If you are a retailer outside of the United States, please contact your local distributor for more information on how your store can pre-order Store Championship Kits.

• United States Retailers - Contact Our Sales Team
• International Retailers - Contact Your Local Distributor

New this season: Each Store Championship Kit contains two World Championship alternate art cards, to support a fun World Championship Celebration event (May 3-7) in your store, possibly showing the live stream from the World Championships! Read below for information on World Championship Celebrations.

FFG Organized Play has a variety of offerings to promote in-store play of your community's favorite games. Store Championships are the first step in our Championship Series, which creates a path of competition for players that starts in your local store and culminates at the FFG World Championships each year! Read on for more information about Store Championships, how to get involved, and what to expect.

What Games are Supported on the May Track?

The May Track of our Championship Series supports our games that culminate with the World Championships in May. We are happy to announce the addition of a new game to this track, beginning with the May-August 2017 Store Championship season. Please visit our OP Supported Games page for more details on each May Track game which will hold Store Championships from May 13th through August 27th, 2017.

What Are Store Championships?

Store Championships are your chance to bring a tournament with prestigious prizes to your community of players. This is the first opportunity during each Championship Series for players to compete for the title of Champion, and many players try to attend most of the Store Championships offered by stores in their area. In addition to the exclusive prizes and title of Store Champion, winners receive a bye at a Regional Championship. We encourage stores to add side events, additional kit or product prizes, or other creative ideas to make a player’s Store Championship experience something to remember.

Store Championships need at least one of the tournament leaders to be knowledgeable in the game rules and tournament regulations for the game. Additionally, the leaders cannot participate as players unless there are at least two leaders; this ensures that an impartial leader can provide any rulings for the other leader's games, and vice versa.

For games on the May Track, Store Championships are held during the middle months of the year, May 13th through August 27th. (Note that the Store Championship Kit also includes two prizes for a World Championship Celebration, during the weekend before Store Championships begin.)

How Many Store Championships Will Be Held?

Every interested game store can pre-order one Store Championship Kit for each supported game, each year. We have seen a significant increase in the number of participating stores, and we are excited to see this locally-focused championship grow even further in 2017!

What Comes In a Store Championship Kit?

Each Store Championship Kit contains everything needed to host an incredible tournament for your players.

  • Alternate-art prize cards for the Top 32 players (any extra copies are distributed at the end of the Swiss rounds, in ranking order)
  • Deck boxes featuring game art, playmats, tokens, plastic spot-glossed cards, or other special items as additional prizes. These are awarded at the Top 8, Top 4, and Top 2 prize tiers
  • Plaque and Regional Championship bye card for the Store Champion
  • Info Sheet and Event Outline for instructions on how to organize your tournament

Each kit also contains an extra copy of each Store Championship prize, except the plaque and bye card, for organizers to keep or distribute at their discretion. The exact contents of each Store Championship Kit will be previewed closer to the start of the season for these events.

Store Championship Kits also have two copies of the World Championship alternate art card, to support a fun World Championship Celebration event (May 3-7) in your store, possibly showing the livestream from the World Championships!

What is a World Championship Celebration?

The Championship Series starts with Store Championships in local retail stores around the world, and culminates with the World Championship here in Roseville, MN. However, because the Store Championships for a game start the very next weekend after its World Championship, retailers have a unique opportunity each year to draw players into their store by offering a fun event during the World Championship, using the two alternate art prize cards from Worlds. These events can be anything the retailer wants: a simple tournament, casual play, trivia contest, or even a costume party! If possible, they can show the livestream from the World Championships, and ensure that attendees are informed and prepared for the date of the retailer's upcoming Store Championship tournament, sometime during the following months.

Are You a Player?

As a player, you can do your part by telling your favorite game store about Store Championships. If you’re interested in taking a more active role in bringing Organized Play events to your store, here are some other ways you can promote Fantasy Flight Games OP:

  • Encourage your friends to join you and play at your favorite local game store
  • Ask your favorite local game store if you can post a sign-up sheet for upcoming events
  • Offer to teach others to play
  • Check with your store to see if they are in need of a tournament organizer or judge

The exclusive prize items and alternate art cards included in these kits are only available at 2017 Store Championships, so be sure to talk with your local retailer about pre-ordering Store Championship Kits.

Retailers: Pre-Order Today!

United States retailers can pre-order Store Championships by contacting our sales team, and prepare to host your community of players during the May-August Store Championship season, for May Track games. International retailers should contact their local distributor for more information. Don’t miss out! The pre-order window closes on Tuesday, December 13th at 23:59 CST (Central Standard Time).

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