6 October 2016 | Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel

FFG Will Be Publishing the Cooperative Miniatures Game


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce a publishing partnership with Modiphius Entertainment and Cabinet Entertainment to publish and distribute the exciting, action-packed reboot of the 1990’s classic techno-fantasy miniatures boardgame, Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel! This publishing deal will begin with the conclusion of the Kickstarter, once all pledges have been fulfilled and the product released to retail.

Hello Alakhai, You’ve Got Visitors!

Set in the post-apocalyptic universe of a techno-fantasy future in space, the Mutant Chronicles series of movies, roleplaying games, card games, novels, comics, and board games sees the earth as we know it drained of resources and abandoned for those planetary bodies closest to us: Venus, Mars, Mercury, Luna, and the Asteroid Belt. Eventually, these expanionist refugees awaken an unnatural evil, unleashing its demonic influence upon the remnants of humanity. Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel takes place during one of these great wars, as Cardinal Durand and the DoomTroopers unite the five huge megacorporations under one banner. Mustering the greatest army humanity has ever seen, these brave souls lay siege to Alakhai’s terrifying Citadel in an effort to liberate Venus.

In the game, each player will take on the role of one of these corporations, sending their duo of DoomTroopers into the Citadel on one of ten missions. Battling through the scenario, completing objectives, and securing the needs of their secondary missions, each successful player’s DoomTrooper will gain promotion points, potentially gaining rank or purchasing new and devastating weaponry and gadgets. In a truly unique take on semi-cooperative gameplay, the player who controls the forces of the Dark Legion rotates between each mission, allowing that player to still gain promotion points for their DoomTroopers while foiling the schemes of the other players.

The game will also support solo and fully cooperative gameplay.

Dedicated Design

This reboot has been designed by the original game’s designer, Richard Borg (Memoir '44, BattleLore), in conjunction with designers Eric M. Lang (Chaos in the Old World, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest), Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror, Android), and Jay Little (X-Wing™ Miniatures Game, Blood Bowl: Team Manager The Card Game). The retail release will include forty-five newly sculpted and preassembled 32mm heroic scale PVC miniatures, eight gameboard sections vividly illustrated by the talented artist Henning Ludvigsen (Imperial Assault, Mansions of Madness), a deck of eighty-four game cards, a three-dimensional citadel, and much, much more.

The original version of Siege of the Citadel was among the first games to offer character development between plays of the game, and it pioneered the rotating Dark Legion player. We at FFG are proud to soon include it among our lineup of immersive narrative games that highlight engaging asymmetrical gameplay and character development. Look back to our website for more updates as this product develops.

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