3 October 2016 | Star Wars: Destiny

Create Your Own Destiny

Introducing Star Wars™: Destiny Organized Play


Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce that our upcoming collectible game, Star Wars™: Destiny, will be fully supported within our Organized Play program!

Star Wars: Destiny gives you freedom to play out any battle you can imagine with a team built from your favorite heroes or villains from throughout the Star Wars saga. The only limit to your battles is your imagination! Innovative gameplay blends dice and cards as you strategize exactly how to defeat your opponent’s characters. The quick gameplay and deep tactics are the perfect combination for a game with Organized Play support.

Starting with a launch party this November, Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play will jump into select stores around the world. In January, 2017, this action-packed game will join our six other Organized Play games with full-fledged support of Quarterly Kits. Finally, in May 2017, Star Wars: Destiny will join the May Track of games in our Championship Series with the first-ever Star Wars: Destiny World Championship at the 2017 May World Championships! Each type of event provides a different atmosphere and unique promotional items, giving all fans of Star Wars: Destiny the chance to play the game beyond their own home.

Star Wars: Destiny Launch Party

Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play begins with the Star Wars: Destiny Launch Party this November. This exclusive event will be held by select game stores around the world and allow participants to purchase a starter set and booster packs before the game is officially on sale. Retailers can reserve a pre-release package now, but quantities are limited, so be sure to act fast to get one for your store!

Quarterly Tournament Kits

Starting in January, 2017, all Organized Play-supported games will be moving to Quarterly Kits, and Star Wars: Destiny will be joining them! Stores can pre-order Star Wars: Destiny Quarter 1 Kits and Quarter 2 Tournament Kits now and can use them in 2017 for weekly events, larger tournaments, or however they feel best fits their local community. Quarterly Kits are the first step toward building a community, and they will be essential for any store looking to support Star Wars: Destiny.

Championship Series

Where Quarterly Kits are the everyday resource of Organized Play and do the heavy lifting of building a community, the Championship Series offers prominent opportunities to claim prestigious titles and win exclusive prizes. Star Wars: Destiny’s introduction to the Championship Series will be marked with the first-ever Star Wars: Destiny World Championship at the 2017 May World Championships and the start of 2017 Store Championships a week later. If you want to play Star Wars: Destiny more competitively, these events are not to be missed!

2017 Store Championship Kits will be available for pre-order beginning in late October.

Join Us

We have great plans for Star Wars: Destiny and its Organized Play program. Join us for the Star Wars: Destiny Launch Party this November and be one of the first to play this fantastic game, then experience the full breadth of our Organized Play support starting in 2017. It’s all a few, short months away!

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