25 October 2016 | Star Wars: Armada

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Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce The Corellian Conflict League Kits for Star Wars™: Armada are now available for pre-order!

The Corellian Conflict is a new and exciting way to experience Star Wars: Armada. Played in groups of two to six players, each campaign unfolds over the course of multiple games in which players must weigh their decisions against not only the current game in progress, but the campaign as a whole. Pre-order Star Wars: Armada League Kits and host campaign events for your players after The Corellian Conflict releases later this year!

Packed with promotional cards, each kit comes with enough prize material to host a five-week campaign event for one group of up to six players.

What Is The Corellian Conflict?

The Corellian Conflict is a campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada that allows two to six players help decide the fate of the Galactic Civil War in the Corellian Sector. Working as teams, players side with the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, then meet their opponents in battle for control of vital worlds, hyperlane routes, and shipyards. New campaign rules guarantee that each battle has long-term consequences, and the experience players gain from their victories contributes toward the outcome of the overall campaign.

What Comes in The Corellian Conflict League Kit?

Each The Corellian Conflict League Kit contains enough material to support one campaign (up to six players). Stores may order more than one League Kit if they expect a higher turnout. Quantities may be limited, but this kit will be reprinted on demand.

Each The Corellian Conflict League Kit contains exciting extended art versions of brand new squadron cards and faction-specific objective cards from the campaign expansion, sure to attract players to your event!

  • Extended Art Squadron Cards: Four of the hottest squadrons from The Corellian Conflict campaign expansion are now more vibrant and full of art! With these new squadrons fully legal for all variants of play, players can show these cards off whether they’re playing a campaign with friends or competing in an organized tournament. At the end of each of the first four sessions, players will receive a different extended art squadron card.
  • Faction Objective Card: At the conclusion of a campaign, each player will receive a copy of the new objective card Fighter Ambush printed with a unique mark that identifies the faction that player fought for during his or her campaign.

In addition, each kit comes with info cards that contain instructions about how to run the event and distribute prizes. We will also post a signup sheet and poster for The Corellian Conflict on the Star Wars: Armada website. Download both to help advertise your event!

How Do I Run The Corellian Conflict Event?

Download signup sheets from the Star Wars: Armada page of our website and post them in your store. Once you have a group of six players, ask each team’s Grand Admiral—denoted on the signup sheet—to work with each other and their respective teams to set up dates and times that work well for both teams. Be sure to let them know when you will have room for them to play and if there’s a particular time the store can’t support a campaign session!

After each session, hand out one of the promotional squadron cards included in the League Kit to everyone who played. After the final session in which one team claims ultimate victory in the Corellian Sector, hand out the promotional objective card, making sure that each team gets the version featuring their respective symbol (Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance). If players enjoy the campaign and you have extra kit material, you can always host a second campaign for them, having them switch sides and ultimately receiving the other side’s copy of the objective card!

When Can I Run My Campaign Event?

Any time after The Corellian Conflict expansion campaign becomes available at your store! This League Kit is designed to support players interested in playing the campaign and draw them to your store. Stores should schedule their events with player input to maximize player participation. If your store has more than one group running a campaign session, each group can play on the days that work best for their group and do not have to play at the same time.

Does This Kit Support a Tournament?

No. Players should play the campaign that is included in The Corellian Conflict expansion campaign, which is meant to be played over the course of multiple sessions. After each session, all players receive prizes, no matter who won or lost. While players may have fun competing during the campaign, the League Kit does not provide any additional prizes for the winning side.

Are You a Player?

The Star Wars: Armada The Corellian Conflict League Kit is for stores, but the campaign itself is for players. If you are excited for The Corellian Conflict, talk to your local store and make sure they pre-order a League Kit. If you’re interested in taking a more active role in bringing Organized Play events to your store, here are some other ways you can promote Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play:

Control Your Sector

Don’t miss this chance to offer a new opportunity for your Star Wars: Armada community. The Corellian Conflict offers players a change from the usual tournament, but all of the prizes included in a League Kit are legal for tournament play, making them useful beyond the event itself! U.S. retailers should contact our Sales team, and international retailers should contact their local distributor.

Note: The alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards.

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