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The 2016 Star Wars™: Imperial Assault World Championship Prizes

The cycle started with Store Championships, as players faced off against their locals and friends. Later, players made the trip out to Regional Championships, making some great journeys, friends, and stories to tell down the road. National Championships quickly followed and the competition was even fiercer as people traveled from all over to attempt to claim the title. The cycle is nearing completion as the 2016 World Championship approaches. In November, strike commanders from across the galaxy will rally their troops and meet in Roseville, MN in order to determine who will claim the title of Star Wars™: Imperial Assault World Champion. 

A Competition to Remember

Our World Championships will be an unforgettable experience. We are extremely excited to see world-class competition as hundreds of passionate players make new friends and forge memories that will last a lifetime on the biggest stage. At its core, though, the World Championship is about finding the best player in the world for each of our competitive games. So, ask yourself a question. Do you have what it takes to control the field and be crowned the 2016 Imperial Assault World Champion?

Royal Reward

In addition to the fantastic items awarded to every attendee of World Championship, players who do well in the 2016 Imperial Assault World Championship will have a chance at these fantastic prizes:

  • Participation: Each player that participates in a 2016 World Championship event will receive a copy of the alt-art card “Leia Organa” and a challenge coin to commemorate their participation. After the lunch break, each player in the Imperial Assault World Championship will receive an additional two copies of this promo card!
  • Top Third: Each player receives a set of acrylic Activation tokens. These double-sided tokens were made to help both players keep track of which units have activated each  round! 
  • Top 16: Each player receives a set of metallic colored dice.
  • Top 8: Each player receives a unique playmat for keeping your squad organized on the tabletop.
  • Top 4: Each player receives an uncut sheet of cards (not pictured) featuring the World Championship promo “Leia Organa”. Our prizes are usually either game components or collector’s items. This unique prize is both!
  • Winner: The Imperial Assault World Champion receives the 2016 Imperial Assault World Champion trophy and a one of a kind playmat! Additionally, the champion will receive The Greatest Prize in Gaming - the chance to design a card for Imperial Assault!

This and More

These fantastic prizes are not the only reward for attending the 2016 World Championships. Players will also be gaining cherished memories of intense matches, new friends, and the experience of competing at the highest level of play. Keep your eyes on our website for additional information about the event, including live streaming and more!

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