12 October 2016 | X-Wing


Preview the 2016 X-Wing™ Regional Championship Prizes

“All teams, give it everything you got!”
 - Poe Dameron

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to reveal the prizes of the 2016 X-Wing™ Regional Championships! 

Designed to draw players from a wide area, a Regional Championship is the place to be for competitors who are hoping to make their path towards a 2017 National Championship or even the 2017 World Championship. Hot off the heels of our World Championships, the next May Track Regional Championships will run from November 12, 2016 to February 25, 2017.

What are the Prizes for the 2016 X-Wing Regional Championships? 

Outnumbered and outgunned, members of The Resistance have a pretty tough job. Making it to the top of a Regional Championship is almost as difficult. Each X-Wing Regional Championship will have a variety of prizes to award to the most successful players in the competition.

  • Top 64 - The top sixty-four  players will each receive a copy of the alternate art card “Red Ace” - a T-70 X-Wing pilot that captures the feel of The Resistance refusing to go down without a fight. 
  • Top 16 - The top sixteen players will each receive a set of 3 acrylic Thermal Detonator tokens - a favorite of bomb users who enjoy controlling the battlefield. 
  • Top 8 - The top eight players will each receive a set of sparkling attack and defense dice - four of each die! 
  • Top 4 - The top four players will each receive a set of orange and white acrylic maneuver templates. Prove that you know some winning moves!
  • First Place - The winner will receive a colored trophy depicting the Medal of Yavin and a first round bye to a 2017 X-Wing National Championship.

What are Regional Championships?

Regional Championships are the next level in competition, prizes, and prestige. These exclusive events offer players a chance to test their skills against the best players in their region and compete for awesome prizes, including a precious first-round bye at a National Championship. The May Track Championship Series leads to the World Championships in Roseville, MN, held in early May.

What Tournament Tier and Structure Will be Used?

Regional Championships are larger events that promote a more competitive atmosphere than Store Championships while trying to attract a wide audience of X-Wing players. Players can come to these events expecting a high level of competition, as well as a welcoming atmosphere for less experienced players looking to enter a more prominent tournament. From the Fundamental Event Document:

Formal Tournament Tier: Tournaments at this tier expect players to posses at least a minimal amount of experience. Players should be familiar with the game rules, and be prepared to exercise that knowledge to play at a reasonable pace. The focus is a friendly competitive environment.

Advanced Tournament Structure: The Advanced tournament structure caters to participants that enjoy competition. This structure provides a robust tournament experience that requires a substantial commitment of time and resources from organizers and players.


Over the coming months, numerous players will attend 2016 Regional Championships in an effort to win these attractive prizes and fight for freedom in the galaxy. Don’t miss out on your chance to acquire some of these prizes for yourself and add them to your collection!

Note: The alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards.

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