26 June 2015 | Drakon

The Dragon Awakes

Drakon Is Now Available


You entered the dragon’s labyrinth alongside your rival heroes, but only one of you will escape alive! Advance further into the dungeon and gather as much gold as you can in Drakon, a classic board game of treasure and dragonfire, now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore.

In Drakon, you and up to five other heroes enter the lair of the legendary Drakon. Unfortunately, your attempts to pillage the dragon’s lair have failed and you have been captured by Drakon herself. Drakon seems to be in a playful mood, however. She has released you and the other heroes into her labyrinth with a simply directive: the first hero to gather ten gold will be allowed to leave with his spoils, but all others will be devoured by Drakon. Only the bravest hero will escape an untimely death!

In addition, the rules for Drakon are now posted! Head to the Drakon support section to learn exactly how you'll navigate the labyrinth.

Grab the Treasure

On every turn in Drakon, you are faced with a choice – play a tile from your hand to build the labyrinth or move your hero further into the dungeon. As we explored in our preview, playing chamber tiles allows you to shape the paths through the dungeon. You can come closer to victory by placing treasure and beneficial chambers in your own path, even while you lure your opponents into danger with chambers like the Magic Harp. 

Although playing chambers allows you to change the shape of the dungeon, you cannot find the gold you need to escape without moving your hero from chamber to chamber through the labyrinth. Most chambers grant you access to special powers when you enter – you may steal a chamber tile from another player’s hand, you may destroy a chamber your opponent hoped to enter, or you may fly a Floating Chamber to another part of the dungeon, allowing you to escape danger or discover new riches.

As you play chambers and move forward, your ultimate goal is to collect ten gold and escape from Drakon’s clutches. In most cases, you gain more gold by entering Find a Coin chambers throughout the labyrinth. Not all coins are equal in value, however! A coin has a gold value between one and three, which means that a player could reach ten gold with only four coins. Every player keeps his gold coins facedown and secret from other players, so you’ll never know exactly how close a player is to victory. To stop your opponents from winning, you’ll need to work together with your rivals, while convincing them that you’re not a real threat.

Escape the Dragon

Six unique heroes are available for you to play as in Drakon, and each has a unique special ability that you can use once per game. You may play as the Sorceress and use your ability to move to any adjacent chamber, even ignoring the arrows that normally dictate movement. Alternatively, you may play as the Ranger and move in addition to your normal action, which lets you cover more ground on your turn or play a chamber tile and immediately move into it to use its ability. The Thief invites you to take coins from other players or Drakon’s hoard, while the Druid’s magic grants you protection from losing your coins to the wiles of other players. The Knight invites you to push another hero into a different chamber and steal a chamber tile from his hand, while the Fighter allows you to quickly cycle your hand of tiles by discarding any number and drawing an equal number of chambers. Each hero has his own strengths, and each hero offers a different experience of Drakon.

These heroes boast powerful abilities, but none of them are immune to dragonfire! Drakon herself stalks the chambers and hallways of the dungeon, looking for any hero foolish enough to cross her path. Certain chambers allow you to move Drakon throughout the maze, and if you can move her onto another hero’s chamber, that hero loses a coin and is returned to the entrance chamber – a significant setback! If you want to claim the gold and escape victorious, you’ll need all your wits and skill to grab the treasure and escape the dragon.

The Dragon’s Fire

Gold is what lured you to Drakon’s lair – and only gold can free you from her clutches. Race through the dungeon, forge temporary alliances, and try to escape unsinged! Pick up your copy of Drakon at your local retailer today.

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