19 November 2008 | Drakon

The Dragon Is Hungry

An Intro to Drakon


Drakon 3rd Edition is a game of exploration and greed in a magical, chaotic dungeon. Two to six heroes will construct and adventure in the dragon's lair in a frantic search for enough gold to buy their freedom.

PLAYERSTwo to six players will take the role of the barbarian, the knight, the thief, the amazon, the dwarf, and the wizard, brave adventurers in search of gold and escape from the dragon's lair!

GAMEPLAYThe heroes begin the game clustered at the entrance to Drakon's maze, with uncertainty ahead and fear in their hearts. On each turn, players will either play a dungeon tile from their hand (and draw to replace it) or move through an open door into an adjacent tile. When heroes land on tiles, they will often trigger a special ability that may earn them gold, manipulate the dungeon, or foil the carefully-laid plans of their former companions! Some tiles even bring the deadly Drakon into the mix herself, causing her to rampage through the dungeon wreaking havoc.


SPECIAL ABILITIESIn the advanced Drakon 3rd Edition game, the six heroes each have a unique ability that can be used to give each player just the edge they need to win. Each of the abilities are useable once per game, and are tracked with special hero ability counters.

VICTORYThe winner is the first hero to collect gold coins with a total value of 10. Since the coins range in value from 1 to 3 and their value is hidden from your opponents, be very wary of any hero who has three coins. He might only need one more to win!

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