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New Smuggler Specialization Decks for Edge of the Empire™ Are Available Now

“He’s a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You’d like him.” 
   –Han Solo, The Empire Strikes Back

Smuggling in the Star Wars galaxy is a high-risk, high-reward career filled with danger and excitement. Sneaking contraband across the galaxy requires a wide range of skills. Sometimes you may need to test your luck at Sabacc in order to win over a client. Sometimes only flattery and smooth words get the job done. Sometimes your only choice is to stare down your enemy through the sights of a blaster and beat him to the draw. 

Four new Smuggler Specialization Decks for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ put the dirty tricks, dastardly skills, and good luck of Smuggler characters right in your hands. They allow players and Game Masters to easily reference the key details of every talent within the Charmer, Gambler, and Gunslinger specializations introduced in the Fly Casual supplement, as well as the Smuggler Signature Abilities. With the twenty cards found in each of these decks, you can quickly play any of the devious tricks you’ve got up your sleeve to beat the odds and keep the action going. 

Smooth Operators, Wild Cards, and Quick Draws

Smugglers share unflinching bravery, a love of independence, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. All sorts of personalities are drawn to the job, and within a single smuggling crew you might find numerous specializations, from silver-tongued Charmers and Scoundrels to cheating Gamblers or gunslinging Thieves. The Smuggler Specialization Decks, help you keep track of the unique talents of every smuggler in your crew. Each card features full-color art designed to immerse you more fully in the Star Wars universe and contains the rules for a single talent.

  • Charmers are confident, elegant, and charismatic, naturally able to win people over and gain entrance anywhere, whether that means an exclusive meeting or underground club. They usually get their way through silver words and cunning negotiations, but that doesn’t mean they won’t draw a blaster or engage in a brawl if it’s necessary. 
  • Gamblers know the rules for every game of chance – and how to break those rules. They are masters of statistics, computers and deception, skilled in both understanding and manipulating body language. Addicted to taking risks, Gamblers are always willing to up the ante in order to win big.
  • Gunslingers have lethal aim and are eager to fire. These gritty Outer Rim dwellers draw fast, shoot first, and don’t stop to ask questions. They also know how to keep their cool in any situation. A Gunslinger’s best friend is his blaster, whether he uses it to settle a deal, defend his honor, or protect his crew. 

The eighteen cards of the Smuggler Signature Abilities Specialization Deck detail all the talents of two Signature Abilities. Narrow Escape helps Smugglers make a quick getaway at the moment they need to most. Unmatched Fortune lets self-reliant Smugglers take luck into their own hands when their livelihood and even life may depend upon it, so they can come out on top even when the odds are against them. 

Fortune Favors the Bold

You might be a lifelong Charmer, relying on your wit and disarming smile to survive, a freelance Gunslinger hired on for a dangerous smuggling job, or a Performer who picked up the Gambler specialization in order to earn some extra credits at the Sabacc table. Whether you’re a dedicated Smuggler and notorious Scoundrel or using a Smuggler specialization to supplement another career, these Specialization Decks will help you make use of all your various talents. 

Pick up your Smuggler Specialization Decks today! 

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