19 May 2015 | BattleLore

Revolutionary Armies

Deploying the Units of Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn into Battle


If we fail to hold this bridge, the mutated hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan will set fire to our village and leave our people with nothing but the ashes of our homes. But you are the unstoppable, valiant men and women of Terrinoth! Your courage today will not be forgotten, and the Battle of the Last Bridge will be remembered as a brutal and absolute defeat for our enemies!

Muster armies of unprecedented might with the upcoming Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn Army Pack expansions for BattleLore: Second Edition. Each Army Pack introduces four new kinds of units to the game of BattleLore and contains more than enough forces to build a full fifty-point army.

Past previews have introduced the new Daqan and Uthuk Y’llan units, the innovative scenarios designed for the armies of Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn, and the new lore cards included in each Army Pack. Today’s preview takes a different approach, and looks at some ways to combine units from Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn with those in the core set, revolutionizing your BattleLore duels. 

We’ve also posted the rules for both Army Packs in the support section of the BattleLore Second Edition minisite. Download them and begin formulating your battle plans today!

Faultless Firepower

Among the Daqan units that Hernfar Guardians brings to the battlefield are two incredibly deadly Ranged units: the magic-wielding Greyhaven Battlemages and the massive, artillery-carrying Siege Golem . With a range of up to three, a combat value of three and the ability to shield nearby friendly units, the Greyhaven Battlemages can eliminate enemy infantry and archery units from a distance while they bolster your defenses. 

Able to hit a target up to six hexes away, the Siege Golem has the largest range of any unit in BattleLore. It also ignores other units when determining line of sight, so it can fire upon the enemy from behind your front lines. With the new Spotter Lore card, almost nothing is out of range of the Siege Golem’s lethal salvos.

These two units could be particularly powerful in The Last Bridge scenario of the core set, which charges you to occupy a strategically significant river crossing. An army of two Battlemages units, two Rune Golem units, a Siege Golem, and a mix of Citadel Guards and Yeoman Archers has enough defensive power to keep the Uthuk Y’llan at a distance for the duration of the game. Occupy the bridge with the Rune Golems while the Siege Golem and Greyhaven Battlemages together cut down attackers. Another unit of Battlemages can guard the hill where your banner stands, or team up with the Citadel Guards to make a destructive incursion into enemy territory.

Relentless Bloodshed

The units of Warband of Scorn offer the Uthuk Y’llan army devious new ways to dye the battlefield red with Daqan blood. The diabolical Blood Sisters form a demonic Uthuk Y’llan counterpart to the Greyhaven Battlemages: these Ranged Caster units siphon health from their wounded enemies and wield blood magic that drains friendly units in order to harm the Daqan.

The Uthuk Y’llan also gain a terrifying new Legend unit: the Doombringer , a ravenous six-legged demon that burrows beneath units and challenging terrain, only to suddenly surface and devour the unsuspecting enemy. Nothing – not buildings, hills, rivers, or even a Siege Goelm – can stop the Doombinger’s movement. 

The core set scenario Veil of Secrets shows how lethal these two units can be. Blood Sisters can occupy the forest and use their dark magic to fend off approaching attackers. As long as the building in the center of the hills is occupied, you’ll have enough lore to heal any friendly units bled by your Blood Sisters’ magic. Meanwhile, the Doombringer can tunnel back and forth beneath the hills, devouring Daqan units before they manage to summit the outcropping. With that all-impotant outcropping well defended, vicious Flesh Ripper Brutes and Blood Harvesters can take the offensive and earn victory points for annihilating enemy units throughout the battlefield. You could even muster two gargantuan Legend units, and send a towering Chaos Lord against the Daqan's front while the Doombringer scurries back and forth beneath the battlefield. 

Warfare Transformed

Devise cunning armies to devastate your opponent, or deploy one of the suggested fifty-point armies from Hernfar Guardians or Warband of Scorn right out of the box. Take up an unassailable defensive position, or go on the offensive and sabotage your opponent from behind their lines. Once these new Daqan and Uthuk Y’llan units take the field, warfare in Terrrinoth will never be the same.

Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn will be available soon.

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