12 March 2015 | Organized Play

Announcing 2015 Regional Championship Locations

Find a Store Near You and Begin Preparing

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the locations for 2015 Regional Championships! After hundreds of applications, countless hours of review, and some incredibly tough decisions, we are able to share the list of 2015 Regional Championship locations and dates around the world.

A Regional Championship is a premier-level event that draws players from across large areas and states or prefectures. These events are being run around the globe from May 1st through July 31st, where players will be competing for unique prizes, the title of Champion, and that elusive bye for National Championships. Will you be joining them?

Begin Your Assault

Whether you’re planning on traveling to attend a Regional Championship or want to see if any events are in your hometown, you can begin making plans now. Click on the game of your choice below to view a list of locations and dates for each Regional Championship.

New Foes Await

Regional Championships provide not only a place to compete for great prizes, but a chance to find new opponents and players who share your passions. Check out our lists now and begin planning which Regional Championships you’ll attend. No matter which event you go to, you are sure to meet new friends and share in the fun and excitement of playing your favorite games!

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