Journey into Hutt Space

Lords of Nal Hutta Is Now Available

Venture into one of the most dangerous parts of the galaxy! Lords of Nal Hutta, a sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game, is now available at your local retailer and in our online store.

Lords of Nal Hutta contains all the information that you need to experience Hutt Space. It provides countless details about Hutt civilization, including their ruthless crime syndicates and violent history. It describes each of the major locations in Hutt Space, from the dimly lit cantinas and black markets of Nar Shaddaa to the jungles of Saki, providing GMs with numerous and detailed settings for adventures. Lords of Nal Hutta also features new playable species and a wide variety of gear to help you survive in this notoriously lawless region.

Crime Families

The heart of Hutt culture is the kajidic, a clan-based syndicate governed by a single Hutt and often specialized in illegal activities. It is within his kajidic that a Hutt is given his first job, cultivates his career, and perhaps even attains political power. In our first preview, contributing writer Sterling Hershey introduced the four most prominent kajidics, from Jabba’s own Desilijic to the militaristic Qunaalac Hutts.

For Hutts, power and money are inextricably linked, and the end almost always justifies the means. Many kajidics, specialize in the lucrative spice trade – “spice” euphemistically including a wide variety of legal and illegal substances. Hutts have put thousands of slaves to work in spice production, and employed a vast number of smugglers and pilots who, like the famous Han Solo, are willing to risk their lives (and Imperial entanglements) for the sake of profit. A risky spice smuggling run, such as the infamous Kessel Run, could be the centerpiece of an Edge of the Empire campaign. A failed run might be the source of your obligation to a vindictive Hutt overlord.


Worlds of Beauty, Cruelty, and Wealth

A total of twelve planets are detailed in Lords of Nal Hutta: densely populated trade outposts where anything can be found for a price, desolate worlds with enslaved populations, vast game reserves where assassins hone their skills, radioactive wastelands. Our second preview explored three different planets within Hutt Space: the so-called Smuggler’s Moon, Nar Shaddaa, the capital and home of the Hutts, Nal Hutta, and the pastoral world of Toydaria. It also looked at three modular encounters: ready-made, detailed set pieces that GMs can use as the launching point of a campaign or a single-session adventure.

One location essential for any voyage into Hutt Space is the Kwenn Space Station, the neutral gateway between the Empire-controlled Mid Rim and the lawless regions ruled by the Hutts. Over 325,000 humans, Hutts, and other species permanently reside in the space station, with at least another 20,000 passing through daily, many of them being spice smugglers, weapons dealers, and mercenaries. But Kwenn is also an elite resort catering to the galaxy’s ultra-wealthy. Its towers are filled with expensive entertainments, from casinos and cantinas to spas – and even an opera house. It’s an ideal place for a smuggler to have a business meeting with his Hutt employers, for a bounty hunter to begin the search for her quarry, or for a quiet young entertainer to become involved in a Rebel conspiracy.

Native Species and Survival Gear

Lords of Nal Hutta introduces four new playable species native to Hutt Space: Ganks, Niktos, Sakiyans, and of course, the Hutts. In our third preview, contributing writer Gregory Koteles discussed the Ganks’ predilection for cybernetics, the Sakiyans’ stealth and intelligence, and the Niktos’ diversity. We also looked at a few of the cybernetic implants that your Gank or other character might purchase in Hutt Space.

Of course, survival in Hutt Space isn’t just a matter of shooting first. In this realm of deadly intrigue, you may want tools more subtle than a blaster. Poison, for example, may be a more effective weapon, and Lords of Nal Hutta introduces three kinds of it. If you intend on gambling at the Kwenn Space Station, you might want a marked sabaac deck or some loaded chance cubes to ensure to ensure that the odds are always in your favor. A portable credit cleaner can make sure that any money you earn in Hutt Space cannot be traced by even the most skilled accountant droids.

Follow Your Ambitions

Hutt Space is a realm of extremes. Its inhabitants are largely free from Imperial laws, but slavery is rampant. Unfathomable wealth lives side by side with desperate poverty. There’s as many opportunities for profit and political gain in Hutt Space as there are backroom deals, and as many opportunities for doing good as there are examples of cruelty. Whatever lures your Edge of the Empire roleplaying group into Hutt Space, you’re sure to encounter there danger, intrigue, and plentiful adventures.

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