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Preview the Character Options of Fly Casual

“Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money.”
–Han Solo

A smuggler’s life is one of bending the rules or creating your own, of fighting for survival and making narrow escapes. Smugglers may be thought of as greedy and self-interested, but that’s the price they pay for freedom – and under Imperial rule, freedom is a precious commodity. They’ll take on any job that pays well, not just for the money, but because money is what gives them independence.

In Fly Casual, a sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game, you’ll find everything you need to experience a Smuggler’s life, from talents that let you talk your way out of trouble to gear that conceals contraband. For Game Masters there’s plentiful information about smuggling within the Star Wars galaxy, a guide to designing a smuggling ring for your group, and ideas for staging con jobs, scams, break-ins, and all sorts of illegal activities.

Today’s preview focuses on the Smugglers themselves. We’ll look at the three new Smuggler specializations introduced in Fly Casual, three new species apt to practice these specializations, and some of the gear that can help you succeed in this underhanded, risky, and lucrative career.

Talk the Talk

In the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook, you’ll find three Smuggler specializations. You can choose to be a focused, hardworking Pilot, a quick-witted, cavalier Scoundrel, or a stealthy, cunning Thief. But if your charisma is your favorite weapon, and you prefer to negotiate rather than intimidate or fight, you might want to become a Charmer, the first of the new specializations introduced in Fly Casual. Armed with the skills Charm, Cool, Leadership, and Negotiation, Charmers can befriend the people they’re about to steal from and talk their way out of a bad situation. They can easily navigate both the underworld and the upper echelons of society, and they always know exactly the right thing to say.

Sometimes a Charmer’s persuasive words and disarming smile are enough to gain entry to a private cantina, or to pass through an Imperial checkpoint. At those times, False Credentials may prove useful. For 800 credits your character can buy a fake identity that will fool even the most sophisticated scanners and most perceptive adversaries. You may want to keep some on hand just in case someone links your character’s real name to the ignoble deceptions and illegal deeds you’ve perpetrated.

Beat the Odds

Charmers are easy to recognize: their natural magnetism and compelling words always make them the center of attention. Gamblers, however, must avoid receiving too much attention and keep their tricks hidden in order to survive. Rather than attract attention, they may prefer to keep a low profile and secretly strategize for the moment when they reveal their hand. Specializing as a Gambler involves more than always winning at the sabacc table. Gambling is a mentality, a way of life, a willingness to risk it all and a knowledge of how to triumph against the odds.

A Gambler's bonus skills include Computers, Cool, Deception, and Skulduggery, allowing you to double up on the latter two since they are part of the Smuggler base skill set. With these skills, you are as well suited to playing casual games of cards with the Imperial aristocracy as you are hacking into the computers of a Hutt crime boss. You might be the brains behind an independent smuggling ring, or a card shark out in one of the colonies. You might even play a Trader and use the Gambler specialization to enhance your negotiating skills.

Shoot First

Sometimes deals go wrong. Sometimes your client refuses to pay for the merchandise you’ve smuggled across the galaxy. Sometimes you get caught in the act of stealing, or a rival Smuggler turns to violence to cut down his competition. In these cases, having a Gunslinger on board your ship can prove very useful. Gunslingers start with the bonus career skills Coercion, Cool, Knowledge (Outer Rim), and Ranged (Light). But the true strength of a Gunslinger lies in their ability to shoot faster than their opponent. The Gunslinger’s talents allow him to draw fast, aim well, and deliver a lethal blow before anyone else has got a weapon in hand.

All Smugglers need a way to prevent their valuables – and stolen goods – from being taken in a search. But Gunslingers who want to keep their hands free for drawing and shooting may be particularly interested in a Smuggler’s Trenchcoat. It has more pockets (and pockets within pockets) than Imperial stormtroopers are willing to search, and, since it adds a point to your soak value, it protects both you and your contraband in a fight.

Native to the Outer Rim

The three playable species introduced in Fly Casual each hail from a different world in the Outer Rim. Each offers its own challenges and advantages for the Smuggler career. 

The Quarren once led a peaceful underwater existence on their homeworld of Dac, and these tentacled, amphibious humanoids still feel more comfortable swimming than walking or flying. Conflicts with the Mon Calamari and the Empire have now compelled some Quarren to leave Dac and earn a living on the fringes of the galaxy. Because they can be aggressive and strong-willed, Quarren take easily to the Gunslinger specialization or the Hired Gun career, but some also possess a natural meticulousness that suits them to the work of a Mechanic or Outlaw Tech.

The shrewd, elegant, reptilian Falleen make excellent Charmers, Politicos, and even Performers, possessing a disarming presence that can make anyone put down their guard. After all, the Falleen control the Black Sun, one of the most powerful crime syndicates ever known in the galaxy. In addition to their natural intelligence and cunning, the Falleen also have the ability to modulate their skin color and pheromones to affect the emotional states of others. Anyone who lets his guard down might find himself agreeing to whatever a Falleeen wants without exactly knowing why– and later regretting his decisions.

The tall, burly Gotals possess great Cunning, lack much Presence, and, because they can be so inconspicuous, are well suited for the Gambler specialization. They also possess energy-sensitive horns that, through fluctuations in the electro-magnetic field, can sense the emotional states of others. The same adaptations that enable Gotals to tell whether or not someone is bluffing also make them sympathetic Doctors or perceptive Marshals. Yet some Gotals use their empathy as a weapon: a Gotal Bounty Hunter, for example, could use it to more easily hunt down his prey.

The new species of Fly Casual from left to right: a Gotal, Quarren, and Falleen

Fortune Favors the Bold

A Charmer, a Gambler, a Gunslinger, and a Pilot could make an excellent smuggling team: let the Charmer and Gambler run con jobs and do the dirty work while the Gunslinger eliminates any armed opponents and the Pilot takes care of the quick getaway.You might also pick up Charmer, Gambler, or Gunslinger as an additional specialization so that your Colonist, Bounty Hunter, or Explorer has a few underhanded tricks up her sleeve. Whether smuggling is your livelihood or you play high-stakes games of sabacc and hintaro as a pastime, Fly Casual open up dangerous, profitable, and thrilling new adventures for you to experience in the Star Wars universe.

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