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New Android: Netrunner FAQ and Tournament Rules are Available


The Net is an ambiguous place where many things exist without explanation. Some of these anomalies are explained away as bugs in the code, mistakes without a purpose or use. However, some try to use these aberrations to their advantage, twisting them into something coherent and potentially dangerous. No matter their origin, they can become dangerous to the unassuming hacker or white hat.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to the bugs and odd entities of cyberspace. Clean up your programs before your next Android: Netrunner tournament by checking out the new FAQ (pdf, 4.3 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 5.4 MB).


These changes will go into effect on October 28th, 2015.

A Word from the Developer

Greetings Android: Netrunner players!

FAQ 2.2 covers all releases up through Data and Destiny. There are no changes to the tournament rules at this time, other than to note that Data and Destiny will be legal at the 2015 World Championship. In the FAQ, you will find the usual card clarifications and frequently asked questions, but I would like to take a moment to highlight a few of the changes.

The most significant change is the addition of a paid ability/rez window after the Runner’s start of turn, and before he or she takes any actions. It recently came to my attention that a lot of players were surprised that this window did not exist, and were playing the game incorrectly because of it. Rather than retain the symmetry of giving both the Corp and the Runner an equal amount of windows on their turn before they take their first action, we decided to add this window because it is more important that the game structure is intuitive and everyone plays correctly.

The other change I want to highlight is that you can now host Caissa programs on other cards before moving them to ice. This was a ruling that was originally made based on ‘designer intent’ and not the rules as written; the actual text of the cards does not explicitly restrict the user from moving them to any piece of ice from other cards. Like the addition of the rez window, this change makes the game more approachable.

May you always be running, and I hope to see you all at the World Championship!

-Lukas Litzsinger

Don’t let a small mistake cost you a great run, or worse! Check out the new FAQ and tournament rules, and be ready for your next run.

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