Worlds of Iniquity

Preview the Locations and Modular Events of Lords of Nal Hutta

“Let the Empire think they control the galaxy – we know where the true power lies.”
–Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Lords of Nal Hutta

Home to lethal political posturing, high-stakes smuggling, and decadent luxuries, Hutt Space is one of the most dangerous and profitable regions in the galaxy. In Lords of Nal Hutta, a supplement for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™, players venture into this lawless sector where the Empire has little power, immense wealth lives side by side with terrible poverty, and any deal might result in terrible pain or tremendous profit. You’ll find ample descriptions of several Hutt planets and countless details about Hutt culture in Lords of Nal Hutta, enabling you not only to create complex Hutt PCs and NPCs, but stage an entire campaign in Hutt Space.

Today’s preview surveys three of the many locations featured in Lords of Nal Hutta: Toydaria, Nar Shaddaa, and the Hutt homeworld, Nal Hutta. It also looks at the modular encounter that takes place on each planet. Modular encounters are flavorful set pieces that provide a sample of the experiences your group might have in Hutt space. GMs can easily incorporate a modular encounter into an existing campaign, use one as the launching point for a campaign of their own creation, or make one the focus of a single-session adventure.

Markets, Mushrooms, and Swamps

Although a few cities dot its landscape, most of Toydaria is covered with putrid swamps and pastoral villages that remain untouched by technology. The shrewd, avian Toydarians have resisted being enslaved by the Hutts, but they have allowed the Empire to station a garrison deep within the swampland. You might venture to Toydaria hoping to pick up exotic food items to sell abroad, open up a trading contract with King Maalva, or relax in the luxurious gardens of the royal palace, but you’ll have to be careful to avoid any Imperial entanglements.

In “Toydarian Grocery Shopping,” one of the five modular encounters in Lords of Nal Hutta, players are tasked to find rare Black Gabaki mushrooms to be served at the king’s banquet. Black Gabaki mushrooms only grow inside dank swamp caves, where voracious grabworms and other deadly predators dwell, and their high value on the black market is partially owed to the peril involved in obtaining them. Characters might take on this task in order to work their way into court, or as their first job within a Hutt kajidic – either way, it could prove as lucrative as it dangerous.

The Smuggler’s Moon

Nar Shaddaa is a massive, smog-filled city, filled with ports, cantinas, markets, slums, smuggled weapons, and slaves. It is a haven for the lost, downtrodden, and hunted, where an operative of the Black Sun smuggling ring might buy you a drink, or you might discover a former Jedi knight living on the streets. You might go to Nar Shaddaa in order to quickly make some credits, or just to see for yourself the magnificent mixture of luxury and depravity.

Each sector of the city has a uniquely sordid character. In the Corellian sector, you’ll find posh restaurants and trendy nightclubs alongside fighting pits and public housing. The Red Light Sector is notorious throughout the galaxy, and on its streets you can find any temptation imaginable among the slave dealers and bio-enhancement shops. The Undercity is an expansive and polluted processing district inhabited by murderers and mutants, so vile and dangerous that even the hardiest bounty hunters avoid it.

The modular encounter “A Deal Gone Wrong” takes you to the streets of a busy Nar Shaddaa market district, where players will encounter a down-on-her-luck Twi’lek smuggler fighting with a a Trandoshan weapons dealer over some merchandise that she failed to procure. The situation is so explosive that players have no choice but to become involved. Taking either side will likely earn them some credits… and get them into some serious trouble.

An Invitation You Can’t Refuse

Like Toydaria, Nal Hutta is a humid and swampy planet. Unlike Toydaria, Nal Hutta has synonymous with heinous villainy and ruthless subjugation ever since the Hutts invaded it and almost eradicated the native Evocii. The capital, Bilbousa, is home to both the Hutt Ruling Council and the most profitable weapons smugglers in the galaxy. Nearby are the Guarja shipyards, where starfighters are manufactured and secretly sold to the Rebel Alliance, not because the Hutts want to overthrow the Empire, but purely for the sake of profit.

The modular encounter “Rubbing Slimy Elbows” takes place on Nal Hutta. Players are invited by a mysterious Hutt patron to attend a lavish traditional dinner called a Granee Noopa. Refusing the invitation is impossible without causing serious offense, and attending means a chance to earn fame, fortune, and opportunities for further advancement among the Hutts. However, clear information about Granee Noopas is difficult to find. Some say that no one who has ever attended one has lived to talk about it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first to survive and spill all the details.

Peril and Profit

You may enter Hutt Space looking to make a profit or resolve a debt, to acquire some illegal weapons or rise in your clan’s crime syndicate. Whatever your reason for venturing into this lawless territory may be, you’re certain to encounter supreme luxury, dangerous intrigues, and all sorts of illicit activities.

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