27 January 2015 | BattleLore

Beasts of Legend

Announcing Two New Reinforcement Packs for BattleLore Second Edition


The dragon stirred restlessly on its hoard, sending gold and jewels cascading down the sides. It could sense a thief approaching, already close. When the thief arrived, he would be greeted with snapping teeth, rending claws, and a blazing stream of fire, but for now, the dragon could only impatiently wait. Then the ground began to rumble beneath the steps of the approaching thief, and the dragon realized its foe may be a worthy challenger.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the first Reinforcement Packs for BattleLore Second Edition: the Mountain Giant Reinforcement Pack and the Great Dragon Reinforcement Pack!

Legendary creatures have strode across the battlefields of BattleLore Second Edition since the days of the Core Set. Roc Warriors and Chaos Lords currently serve the Daqan Lords and the Uthuk Y’llan, while Siege Golems and Doombringers will soon arrive with the upcoming release of Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn. You can easily build an army around these legend units, and each one can deal unprecedented destruction to your opponent’s forces.

But some creatures are wild by nature; they cannot be controlled by one army. They may be temporarily harnessed for battle, but in the end, they can never be tamed. Mountain Giants and Great Dragons are two such creatures, and you can bring their might to your battles with these Reinforcement Packs.

Both the Mountain Giant Reinforcement Pack and the Great Dragon Reinforcement Pack contain a detailed plastic figure, the cards you need to muster this unit in your army, three new lore cards to customize your lore deck, and a new terrain tile. In addition, each Reinforcement Pack offers a pre-constructed scenario that highlights the new unit and challenges you to fight for victory in entirely new ways.

From the Mountains

The mountains of Terrinoth are home to terrifying beasts of all kinds, including the Mountain Giants. These enormous humanoids are usually content to stay close to their lairs, but when one is enticed to venture out, the very ground shakes beneath his massive feet. A Mountain Giant is undeniably a fearsome combatant on the field of battle. He can cast boulders with stunning accuracy at your foes or cut a swath around himself with his club.

A Mountain Giant’s strength can also reduce the buildings of the realm to nothing more than rubble. By playing the Crushing Force lore card, you can replace a building hex near the Mountain Giant with a rubble hex – terrain which provides no benefits and damages any unit that enters! Two other lore cards are also included in this Reinforcement Pack, and if you field the Mountain Giant in your army, you can include these cards in your lore deck.

You’ll aid the Uthuk Y’llan with the Mountain Giant’s power in the included pre-built scenario, The Sound of Thunder. In this scenario, the Daqan Lords have taken a handful of Blood Harvesters captive, but an Uthuk Y’llan raiding party has assembled to free the prisoners – and they’ve enlisted a Mountain Giant to help. The Daqan Lords must protect the prisoners while the Uthuk Y’llan use the Mountain Giant to destroy buildings and liberate the captives. Although this scenario puts the Mountain Giant under the command of the Uthuk Y’llan, you can bring the Mountain Giant’s strength to any army in your other games of BattleLore.

Nowhere to Run

In all Terrinoth, few creatures can match the might and ferocity of a Great Dragon. These beasts commonly collect treasure of all kinds into a massive hoard, and they would face any odds rather than see a single piece stolen from its glittering mass. Unfortunately for would-be thieves, a Great Dragon is well equipped to defend its loot. A Great Dragon in the service of an army is a terrifying thing – it flies across the battlefield, breathing plumes of flame on any who cross its path.

When you muster a Great Dragon in your army, you must place the hoard terrain hex underneath it. The hoard is full of all kinds of treasure, and if the enemy occupies it at the start of his turn, he claims the treasure as victory points. Thankfully, the Great Dragon watches over its loot vigilantly. Whenever ordered, a Great Dragon may return to the hoard hex instead of moving and attacking. You may even use the Great Dragon’s Firestorm lore card to dissuade enemy units from approaching the hoard. Firestorm places inferno markers next to an enemy unit, and whenever a unit enters an inferno marker, it takes a damage.

Even without a supporting army, a Great Dragon is a dangerous foe. In the Into the Fire pre-built scenario, the Daqan Lords and the Uthuk Y’llan compete to claim the dragon’s hoard. Both armies start on the same edge of the battlefield, and they must compete to overpower the Great Dragon and be the first to claim its hoard. The task may sound simple, but the Great Dragon is a mighty combatant, and your opponent’s army is just as desperate for treasure as your own. You can introduce fiery danger to every game of BattleLore Second Edition with the Great Dragon Reinforcement Pack.

Reinforcements on the Way

New reinforcements for your armies arrive as legendary creatures walk and fly onto the battlefields of Terrinoth. Will you call upon the might of a Mountain Giant, or unleash an inferno with the Great Dragon? The choice is yours.

Look for the Mountain Giant Reinforcement Pack and the Great Dragon Reinforcement Pack at your local retailer in the second quarter of 2015!

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