15 January 2015 | Talisman

What Lies Beneath

The Deep Realms Expansion for Talisman Is Now Available


The tavern maid rushed out of the dungeon with enough gold tucked in her skirts to make sure she’d never have to work another day in her life. No, bigger and better things awaited her just on the other side of that rickety wood and rope bridge. She paused and looked back into the darkness for a second, but when she turned around again a towering knight in full armor stood before her. As the knight raised his sword, she looked up at its face, thinking to beg for mercy. Inside the helmet was a skinless, grinning skull.

The Deep Realms, an expansion for Talisman 4th Edition, is now available at your local retailer and in our online store.

Designed by Jon New, the designer of Talisman: The Nether Realms, in collaboration with our own Samuel Bailey, The Deep Realms opens up the dark, haunted, and rat-infested passages between the Dungeon and the City regions. A perilous bridge allows you to travel across the Deep Realms, or you can venture deeper, into the Old Sewers and the Catacombs. These tunnels are filled with tantalizing wealth – and terrifying, life-threatening dangers.

Important: Both The Dungeon and The City expansions for Talisman Revised 4th Edition are required to play with The Deep Realms.

Crossing the Bridge

Perhaps you’ve met trouble in the City and are hoping that the treasures concealed in the Dungeon will solve your problems. Perhaps you have barely survived the Dungeon’s perils and are rushing towards the City for healing, a hot meal, and some rest. The bridge between the Skull Passage and the Rat Run provides a shortcut – but not without its own dangers.

Some unsavory people like to lurk at this gloomy crossroads. As you cross the bridge you might gain a Follower that you never wanted, such as the Jinx. If you’re fortunate, you may stumble upon something valuable left behind by another traveler, such as a Broken Sword that can be reforged, or the Tome of Ages, which lets you to spend fate in order to avoid missing a turn. However, on the bridge you also may encounter rats that have wandered out of the sewers in search of food, or a wraith hunting fresh souls. If the bridge proves too treacherous, you can always turn back and retrace your steps through the Dungeon or the City – or try to find a way out through the dark tunnels below.

The Lairs of Wraiths and Rats

From the Cavern space in the Dungeon you can venture into the Catacombs, a labyrinth of tunnels where evil Spirits are more powerful than normal. If you escape the numerous traps and withstand the horrors, you can progress to the Throne Room and try to wrest some treasure from the monstrous Wraith Lord. If you defeat him, you’ll emerge with your booty wherever you like in the Outer Region. If you fail, you’ll be magically transported back to the Hall of Darkness in the heart of the Dungeon.

If you’re in the City, you may walk from the Thieves’ Alley into the infested Old Sewers, where rats of all varieties gain extra Strength in the dank darkness. Deep within the sewers you’ll find the Rats’ Nest, where their giant, vicious queen sits atop a horde of valuable Objects. If you win a fight against her, you can take an Object from that horde. If she wins, her vermin minions will carry you to the Rats’ Road in the City and leave you there empty-handed.

Delve into the Darkness

The Deep Realms are filled with rodents, wraiths, zombies, harmful Followers, and challenging Traps. Yet those willing to brave the perils of these unlit and inhospitable regions may be rewarded with not only desirable Objects and valuable Treasures, but perhaps even a Talisman to ease their journey towards the Crown of Command.

Find out what lies beneath the Dungeon and the City. Pick up your copy of The Deep Realms today!


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