12 September 2014 | Wiz-War

Unleash the Creatures

Bestial Forces Is Now Available for Wiz-War


Prepare to release a host of magical creatures into your wizard duels! Bestial Forces is now available for Wiz-War, both at your local retailer and online through our webstore.

In this new expansion for Wiz-War, you’ll uncover three new schools of magic, each offering an array of new spells and arcane devices for you to control and master. You’ll find much more than new spells and cantrips in this expansion, though. Six new creatures enter the magical labyrinth, ranging from a mischievous boggart to a rampaging minotaur. Each of these creatures are yours to command when you tap into these Bestial Forces.

New Schools, New Magic

Our first preview of Bestial Forces examined the Mythology school of magic. This school offers you four of the six creatures introduced in this expansion, along with plenty of powerful new spells to cast. You may summon a genie to enhance your spell-casting prowess, allowing you to make more magical attacks, or you may lure a wizard or creature into your trap with Embrace of Jorogumo. This school of magic also introduces a new type of item: Relics. These are special items with highly effective powers, but while carrying a Relic you cannot pick up a treasure or another Relic, forcing you to choose between treasure and your Relic in the midst of your magical duels.

The second preview turned to the Draconic school of magic – the school devoted entirely to the many aspects that make up the mighty dragon. You may cast spells to defend your treasure against intruders, or summon a drake to safeguard your possessions. This school of magic even allows you to take on the persona of a dragon. You may breathe fire at your opponents, take flight on scaly wings, or even cast Raking Talons, which gives you the ability to deal damage or seize treasure or an item from another wizard!

Most recently, we explored the Totem school of magic in Bestial Forces. This school of magic introduces the Totems, a new form of creation spell that grants powerful effects to an entire sector. You might use Totems to defend your home sector, or to speed you on your way to stealing your opponent’s treasure. The best part about your Totems, however, is that they power other spells in the Totem school of magic. Cards like Spiritual Infusion and Primal Scream ensure that your opponents learn to respect the power of the Totems.

Call Upon the Creatures

With new creatures and new schools of magic, the Bestial Forces expansion provides all the wild magic you need for your wizard duels in the magical labyrinth. Download the rules from the Wiz-War support section and pick up your copy of Bestial Forces at your local retailer today!

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