22 August 2014 | Wiz-War

The Power of Dragons

Preview the Draconic School of Magic in Bestial Forces


Dauziel chanted slowly, musically, moving his fingers and hands to a relentless, internal rhythm. In a moment the spell was complete, and the stone wall before him crumbled into sand at his feet. Behind the wall lay a treasure chest. Around the chest lay a coiled beast. It awoke, arching its back and rustling its wings before turning a lazy eye towards the intruding wizard. Dauziel started running; the first flames already licking at his cloak.

The powers of all creatures are yours to command in Bestial Forces, the second expansion for Wiz-War. Whether you bring creatures into the labyrinth to use as your minions, or channel wild magic through your wizard, you’ll find cards to support both styles of spellcraft in this expansion.

In our last preview, we took a closer look at the Mythology school of magic, which features a host of creatures and ancient relics drawn from the wellsprings of antiquity. Today, however, we’ll turn to a school of magic devoted to one creature: the dragon!

Guard Your Hoard

The Draconic school of magic offers a host of spells based on the unique powers of a dragon. If there’s one thing dragons excel at, it’s guarding their treasure, and you’ll find new spells to help you do just that in this school of magic. The first spell to help you safeguard your treasure is Treasure Lust. You can maintain this spell over several turns, and as long as it persists, every time you attack a wizard carrying a Relic or a treasure, that wizard must immediately drop it or take three additional damage from the attack! Whether you force your opponent to drop your treasure or deal extra damage, you’ll come closer to winning the game with every attack.

Another way to keep your opponent from making off with your treasure is by using a Tail Slap. This attack allows you to attack a wizard and deal damage equal to a die roll. The best part, however, is that if your target takes any damage, he must drop a treasure or an item of your choice in his square, allowing you to indulge your draconic urges and steal treasure for yourself. As you jealously hoard your own treasure, you may decide to summon a deadly drake. This creature can be summoned like the creatures in the Mythology school of magic, but you may also summon the drake as a counter spell when another wizard picks up a treasure in your home sector. Summoning the drake as a counter spell places the drake in the other wizard’s square and forces him to drop the treasure immediately. What’s more, treasure in the same square as the drake can never be picked up by another wizard, allowing you to keep your treasures safe as long as the drake lives.

Skin to Scales

Dragons aren’t just experts at gathering and keeping treasure – they’re also very hard to kill. The Draconic school of magic offers you some of this same protection. You might choose to cast the Dragon Scales spell and harden your skin to impenetrable scales. You can cast this spell on yourself, and while this spell lasts, you are immune to fire damage and reduce all damage that you would take by one, massively increasing your chances of long-term survival in the labyrinthine hallways of Wiz-War.

You might also take advantage of a dragon’s natural immunities by playing Magic Resistance. You may play this counter spell after you or one of your creatures is attacked. The attacking wizard must give you an energy card from his hand, or the attack is cancelled, granting you some added protection against whatever spells may target you. Of course, even a dragon is wounded sometimes. Thankfully, that’s when you can call upon the regenerative prowess of a dragon’s blood. By playing Regeneration, you or a creature immediately heal one life, and as long the spell has energy, the spell’s target heals one life at the beginning of each of your turns.

A Flood of Fire

The power of dragons is nearly unmatched, even in the magical world. You can take advantage of that power by harnessing the spells of the Draconic school of magic. There are plenty of other spells in Bestial Forces as well: join us next time to preview the far-reaching power of the Totem school of magic!

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