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Far Horizons Is Now Available for STAR WARS (R): Edge of the Empire (TM)

“The Jundland Wastes are not to be traveled lightly. Tell me, young Luke, what brings you out this far?”
    –Obi-Wan Kenobi

Far Horizons, the Colonist sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Roleplaying Game, is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Filled with new specializations, signature talents, weapons, vehicles, gear, and other equipment, Far Horizons introduces a wealth of new options designed to help you better outfit your Colonist – or any character – for life on the galaxy’s wildest, deadliest, and most exciting planets. Whether you’re looking to ply your skills in the service of a wealthy gangster or you’re looking to tame a planet full of untapped natural resources, Far Horizons provides you with the tools you’ll need to you build and play your character the way you want.

It also comes with an extensive collection of background information, adventure seeds, and other information to help Game Masters incorporate Colonists more fully into their campaigns.

Colonists in Your Campaign

Edge of the Empire campaigns are often full of smugglers, bounty hunters, hired guns, and other shady characters. Many of these outlaws are constantly running from their pasts, haunted by the decisions they’ve made and the debts they owe. They may have dabbled in crime in order to build lives for themselves free from the Empire’s oppressive influence, but their crimes have led them too far down the wrong paths. They might find themselves on the run, wanted by the Hutts. They might find themselves blackmailed by politically ambitious ISB agents. Or they might need to figure out how to deal with a Black Sun Vigo who considers them a serious threat to his business.

Still, the Star Wars galaxy is a vast and diverse place, and Edge of the Empire holds room for far more characters than outlaws and con artists. There are a wide range of characters who wish primarily to see what the galaxy has to offer. While they may also have some darker secrets in their pasts, these skilled individuals include your Explorers, Technicians, and Colonists. Events and circumstances beyond their control may lead them down many of the same paths as the game’s other characters, but their skills and interests can spur your campaign toward another whole set of adventures that focus less on blasters and stolen goods and more on tricky social situations and the difficulties and drama inherent in establishing a new life on a hostile planet.

Even as Far Horizons explores some of the different reasons your Colonists may have first become embroiled in your ongoing Star Wars adventures, it provides GMs some tools to amplify the drama and tension of their social encounters and introduces a variety of twists and revelations that may push the encounters in interesting directions. Furthermore, Far Horizons introduces a number of adventure seeds and payment charts built around the idea of contracted work. It even looks at designing entire campaigns around one or more Colonists, possibly even flipping the traditional campaign model on its head.

Centering Your Campaign Around a Homestead

You don’t have to haul illicit goods from system to system or chase bounties through the stars in order to find adventure. When you’re running from the Empire or trying to establish a home on one of the galaxy’s wildest or deadliest planets, adventures have a way of coming to you…

In a campaign centered around one or more Colonists, you may direct a colonization effort, help a struggling colony, or cast your lot in with a group of like-minded individuals looking to start new lives upon some remote, unsettled planet. In such a campaign, the majority of your adventures might all take place upon the same planet, possibly even within a limited geographical area, and the utility of your group’s starship might be significantly reduced. Accordingly, Far Horizons introduces a set of optional rules that allow players to start an Edge of the Empire campaign with a homestead (or other base of operations) instead of a starship.

Over the course of your campaign, you can grow your homestead in size and complexity. You can purchase upgrades like a mechanic’s garage, a landing bay, and advanced security systems. You might even develop your homestead until its influence rivals that of any land baron in the sector.

Of course, you are bound to encounter obstacles along the way. You may have to fend off raiders, arrange for the illicit shipments of goods to cure strange illnesses, or restore your communications arrays after natural disasters. Perhaps a rival land baron will seek to reassert his dominance. Perhaps you’ll actually establish lives that are both peaceful and prosperous – until one of your characters’ past obligations catches up to him and everything you’ve worked so hard to create is placed at risk.

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It…

It’s easy to recognize the smuggler’s hardships or the danger inherent in the Hired Gun’s chosen profession; however, the Colonist’s life is just as dangerous and just as full of drama. If it weren’t, then the galaxy would be full of individuals happy to uproot their lives and transplant them on remote, hostile planets outside the Empire’s sphere of influence.

Far Horizons ensures that your Colonists – and other Edge of the Empire characters – can develop the talents and find the tools that they need in order to survive and prosper in even the most difficult of situations. Additionally, it helps Game Masters think of new ways to incorporate these characters into their campaigns, or even build entire campaigns around them. In the end, at the Edge of the Empire, a Colonist’s life is never dull.

Head to your local retailer today to pick up your copy of Far Horizons, or order it online through our webstore!

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