20 June 2014 | BattleLore

Combat Equipment

BattleLore Dice Packs Are Now Available


Whether you defend the people of Terrinoth with the Rune Golems and Roc Warriors of the Daqan Lords, or lead the Blood Harvesters and Flesh Rippers of the Uthuk Y’llan in BattleLore Second Edition, you can enhance your combat with the BattleLore Dice Pack. The BattleLore Dice Pack is now available, both at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Ready for Battle

As a tool of convenience, the BattleLore Dice Pack contains eight custom combat dice, identical to the ones found in the Core Set. Add these eight dice to the four included in the BattleLore Second Edition Core Set, and you’ll be able to quickly find your way through even the largest battles.

Keep your focus on tense fantasy battles in the land of Terrinoth with the dice included in the BattleLore Dice Pack. Pick up your additional Battlelore dice at your local retailer today.


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