9 May 2014 | Relic

Nemeses Arrive in the Antian Sector

Relic: Nemesis is Now Available


Nemesis, an expansion for Relic is now available at your local retailer and through our webstore

As the war in the warp-rift torn Antian Sector rages on, deadly new threats to the Imperium converge, drawn by the dark powers of Chaos. These new Nemeses are eager to carve out a place for themselves, dislodge the Imperium’s hold on the sector, and crush the Emperor’s agents once and for all. 

Along with four new scenarios, new threat cards, and new wargear to tempt even the most puritanical agents of the Imperium, the Nemesis expansion also adds up to two more players to Relic for epic, six-player games and the Enemies of the Imperium game mode, which allows up to two players to take on the role of a Nemesis, seeking to thwart the Imperium’s agents at every turn.

Enemies of the Imperium

In our first preview, developer Alex Davy previewed the Enemies of the Imperium game mode. This mode adds a sort of doomsday clock to the Relic experience, and the game feels more like a race than ever. With a Nemesis in play, the defenders of humanity can no longer afford to be complacent. Once a Nemesis reaches 25 infamy, the game is over, the Nemesis player wins, and a grievous blow is dealt to the Imperium of Man.

Our second preview focused on two of the playable Nemeses introduced in this expansion, Moarn Goreheart and Specimen X. We also showcased the Master Collector Scenario, which requires even the most devout player characters to become Apostate in order to become victorious.

With the Apostate versus Devotee mechanic introduced in Nemesis, players who become Apostate will become vulnerable not just to attacks by Nemeses on the game board, but by other, more devout players as well.

Purchase Your Copy Today!

After reading our past previews, head to your local retailer or to our webstore to purchase your copy of Relic: Nemesis today! Then, wage war on the Imperium as a Nemesis, or defend the Antian Sector in the name of the Emperor. Keep checking back for more news and information related to Relic.



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