5 May 2015 | Relic

For the Emperor or for Chaos

Preview the Characters and Nemesis of Relic: Halls of Terra


“Those who witness such battlefield miracles are left in no doubt that the spirit of the Emperor indeed walks with these pious warriors.” 
   –Warhammer 40,000

Relic charges you with a heroic quest: to save the Antian Sector’s untold billions from heresy and Chaos. In Halls of Terra, you have the chance to undertake that quest as a mighty champion, endorsed by the Emperor himself. Yet only the most stalwart and intrepid heroes can conquer Terra’s capricious nobility and ruthless Adepts as well as the Antian Sector’s daemons and xenos. 

Today’s preview features three characters introduced in Halls of Terra who can take on any threat in the galaxy, from machinating politicians to Orks on the rampage. It also introduces a new nemesis from one of Chaos’ mightiest armies.

The Imperium’s Steadfast Defenders

Even among Space Marines, the Imperial Fists are renowned for their uncompromising self-discipline and unquestioning steadfastness. Masters of siege warfare, heavy weaponry, and marksmanship, the Imperial Fists are always on the move, dedicated to bringing the Emperor’s justice to every corner of the galaxy. The Imperial Fists Terminator is one of the most deadly warriors you can play in the game. He not only begins the game with a strength of six, but his enemies’ battle rolls cannot explode against him, so he can fearlessly battle bloodthirsty traitors like Roghrax Bloodhand . His dedication to the Imperium allows him to complete a mission every third time he levels up, putting a Relic – and perhaps victory– easily within his reach.

Similarly devout and utterly devoted to the Imperium, the Sister Hospitaller can both take life and give it, working battlefield miracles to save the Imperium’s soldiers and slay its enemies. Any time during her turn she can spend a character token to reset another character’s life to its starting value and gain a completed mission – of course, resetting life could mean either healing a character or taking some of their lives away. Being a member of the sanctified Adepta Sororitas, the Sister Hospitaller also has opportunities to discard corruption cards as she levels up, purging herself of any taint of Chaos or heresy. Beyond these special abilities, the Sister Hospitaller begins the game balanced between Strength, Willpower, and Cunning with a skill bonus that will help her gain entrance to the Sanctum Imperialis and earn the Emperor's favor. 

A Manipulator of Corruption

The Sister Hospitaller rejects corruption, but the House Belisaurius Navigator exists immersed in it, her mind constantly open to the fluctuations of the Warp. With her third eye always watching the Astronomican’s bright psychic beam, the Navigator manipulates the Warp for her own benefit: she can discard any of her faceup Corruption cards to move the distance of its activation number, rather than using her movement result. As a level reward, she can draw a Corruption card and choose whether to activate it immediately or wait for a more opportune moment. Being a member of the Imperial Nobility, she also readily gains influence, which she can spend at the Great Crossroads of Luna to gain passage anywhere in the galaxy, and which she needs to navigate  the labyrinthine archives within the Imperial Palace.

Lord of Chains, Breaker of Wills

Long ago, a vehement enmity between the leaders of Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors thrust the Iron Warriors towards Chaos. The two factions remain bitter archrivals, so as the Imperial Fists Terminator joins the battle for the Antian Sector, so does the Iron Warriors’ Warpsmith, Abraxis Synethi , as a Nemesis. Like the Imperial Fists, the Iron Warriors are experts in heavy weaponry, methodical and murderously efficient.

As a Warpsmith, Abraxis Synethi forges terrible daemon engines, chaining unholy daemon to thundering machine. Servants of the Imperium who defeat his daemon engines cannot take them as trophies or permanently destroy them. Instead, eternally shackled to the will of the Warpsmith, these daemon engines remain a permanent threat to the servants of the Imperium. Nor are they the only weapons of Abraxis Synethi, who joins the game with his own Nemesis deck. His Soul Furnace makes the daemon engines even more lethal, draining a life from anyone they defeat and enhancing their battle score. The Battle Cannon grants daemon engines an additional battle die and makes them impossible to evade, so that Abraxis Synethi can gain as much infamy as possible from the ruthless slaughters he has engineered. 

Fight for the Antian Sector

Restore life and mercilessly root out heresy as a Sister Hospitaller or storm throughout the galaxy annihilating your enemies as an Imperial Fists Terminator. Immerse yourself in corruption for the sake of the Imperium as the House Belsaurius Navigator, or as Abraxis Synethi unleash the violence of Chaos throughout both the Antian Sector and the Sol System. Whether you serve the God-Emperor and seek his endorsement or haunt the galaxy as a Nemesis to mankind, Relic: Halls of Terra offers you the chance to experience fierce battles and dangerous quests in the grim, dark 41st millennium. 

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