9 May 2014 | Organized Play

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Get Your Badge Today and See FFG at Gen Con Indy 2014, August 14th-17th

Gen Con Indy 2014 is rapidly approaching, and Fantasy Flight Games is proud to once again be a part of the largest tabletop game convention in North America.

This year, FFG is hosting more card, miniature, and board game events at Gen Con than ever before, including our North American Championships! With the release of the Gen Con tournament schedule coming tonight, we want to take a moment and inform you about these tournaments.

What Games Have a North American Championship?

Last year’s North American Championships broke attendance records across many of our games. We expect many of this year’s tournaments to exceed those numbers and perhaps challenge the current records, set at our 2013 World Championship Weekend. Check the list below to see what games have a North American Championship, then register on May 18th for your chance at becoming a part of history!

Registering for a Tournament

Both event tickets and generic tickets go on sale May 18th. You can purchase tickets online on the official Gen Con website. Generic tickets can also be bought onsite starting August 13th. Only event tickets guarantee a place in our tournaments. (Registration with FFG is still required the day of the tournament.) If you purchase a generic ticket, you must show up the day of the tournament to register and claim a spot in the tournament.

We strongly recommend purchasing event tickets in advance! Many of our tournaments sell out quickly, and there is no guarantee there will be room in our events the day of the event.

Note: A Gen Con badge is required to enter Gen Con and purchase tickets for our tournaments. You can buy badges now on Gen Con’s website.

Tournament Structure

Each of our games varies in structure due to expected player turnout. Below is a list of each game’s North American Championship tournament structure:

  • A Game of Thrones LCG: The Melee Championship will be held on Thursday, August 14th. The Joust Championship will be held on Friday, August 15th. An overall North American Champion will be crowned from players’ finishes in both events.
  • Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game North American Championship will be held on Friday, August 15th.
  • Star Wars LCG: The Star Wars: The Card Game North American Championship main event will be held on Thursday, August 14th. The elimination rounds will be held on Friday, August 15th.
  • Warhammer: Diskwars: The Warhammer: Diskwars North American Championship will be held on Saturday, August 16th.

Android: Netrunner and X-Wing™ Tournament Structure

As our games continue to grow in popularity, so does attendance at our tournaments. Last year, we experimented with moving the elimination bracket of our highest attended events to a separate day, and we received a lot of positive feedback on the change. This year, we are taking our Android: Netrunner and X-Wing tournaments one step further, separating the tournament into two flights and holding the final rounds on a third day.

This year’s Android: Netrunner and X-Wing North American Championships will be held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A 128-person flight for each game will be held on Thursday, the 14th, and the top 32 players will be eligible to continue playing on Saturday. A separate 128-person flight for each game will be held on Friday, the 15th, and the top 32 players will be eligible to continue playing on Saturday. On Saturday, the 16th, the 64 players from the two previous days’ flights will play in a “Final Day,” competing for the title of North American Champion.

Why the Split Between Two Flights?

Having two flights allows us to accommodate more players.

What is the Difference Between the Two Flights?

The Thursday flights for Android: Netrunner and X-Wing will accept event tickets that can be bought in advance (tickets go on sale on May 18th). These event tickets will reserve a place in the tournament for each person who buys one. If there is room in the tournament after all event ticket holders register with FFG on the day of the tournament, we will accept generic tickets for the Thursday flights.

The Friday flights for both games will accept only generic tickets. Generic tickets can also be bought in advance (tickets go on sale on May 18th), but they do not reserve a place for you in the tournament. Entrants who did not play in the Thursday flight will be accepted on a first come, first served basis in the Friday flight. Those who played in the Thursday flight will be accepted if there is space available.

There is no other difference between flights other than the ticket type each flight accepts. Up to 128 players can participate in each flight, and the top 32 players from each flight will continue playing on Saturday, the 16th.

Note: Gen Con tickets are a form of payment only. While the event tickets reserve a place for you in one of our tournaments, both ticket types still require you to register at FFG’s Tournament HQ the day of the tournament.

Do I Have to Play in Both Flights?

No. The top 32 players from each flight “make the cut” and continue playing on Saturday.

Can I Play in Both Flights?

If there is room, yes. However, those who played Thursday must wait until all new players have registered on Friday. Players who made the top 32 on Thursday will not be allowed to play on Friday.

What if I Have a Bye From a Regional Championship?

Players who won a Regional Championship (and bring their certificate) will be awarded a bye during the first round of the first flight they participate in. These players must still purchase tickets for these events.  

Do I Need a Ticket for the Final Day?

No, you do not. When you register for a flight at our event booth, we will record your information. If you make the top 32 cut either on Thursday or Friday, show up Saturday for the tournament, provide us with your information, and you will be automatically registered.

How Will Prizes Work?

Participation prizes will be given to every player who participates in a flight. Additional prizes will be awarded to top players in the tournament, based on final rankings.

Additional Gen Con Info

Stay tuned next week for an update about our other events at Gen Con this year, including a release tournament for Warhammer 40K: Conquest! While you are waiting, check out the Gen Con schedule for a full listing of our tournaments and more information on Gen Con itself.

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