15 April 2014 | Organized Play

Add to Your Arsenal of Knowledge

Updated FAQ and Tournament Rules Are Now Online

In just one month players will begin battling at Regional Championships across the world for exciting prizes, bragging rights, and a bye to their National Championship! In preparation for these events, we have updated the FAQ and Tournament Rules for each game with a Regional Championship, along with adding the first Warhammer: Diskwars FAQ and Tournament Rules.

New Season, New Rules

Over the coming months, players will partake in Regional Championships, X-Wing™ Wave IV preview events, and local leagues and tournaments. Understanding the latest changes will help you gain an edge in your games, no matter which of these you play in. Click on the links below to read a few words from our developers and get a jump on your competition:

These documents are not just for competitive players and tournaments. In each of them, you’ll find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions and rulings. Whether you’re looking to compete in an Android: Netrunner Regional Championship or play a casual X-Wing escalation tournament at home with friends, the updated FAQs offer clarity that will enhance your experience in our Organized Play programs.

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