The Heist is On!

The Jewel of Yavin is Now Available

The Jewel of Yavin, the newest adventure module for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ is now available at your local retailer, and through our webstore!

Prepare for the heist of a lifetime, as you and your crew band together to steal a priceless corusca gem, known as the Jewel of Yavin. From the heart pounding, adrenaline pumping race to the winner’s circle in the Cloud City Grand Prix, to the manipulation and finesse required to ratchet up the bids on the Jewel of Yavin, to the high-level hacking skills needed to slice in and divert the funds to your own account at the last moment, The Jewel of Yavin adventure module provides players with a thrilling, fast-paced adventure set on Bespin’s Cloud City that will give all characters a chance to show off their skills.

In addition to showcasing the skills and talents possessed by Scoundrels, Slicers, and Thieves, players will also find rich social intrigue opportunities, as well as chances for piloting- and combat-focused characters to shine. If a party is missing a crucial role or skill-set, don’t worry! Included in the adventure module is half a dozen unique NPCs who can help fill out a crew.

GM’s will enjoy pushing players to their limits, and introducing PCs to some of Cloud City’s most iconic characters, like the Bespin Wing Guard, and Lando Carlrissian. Plus, the Cloud City Gazeteer provides a wealth of information for running this adventure, and those of your own creation set in Cloud City, Bespin. The section features over a dozen useful pages of material detailing locations in the plaza district, Port Town, and the industrial levels.

Purchase Your Copy Today!

Check out adventure developer Katrina Ostrander’s recent preview of The Jewel of Yavin. Then, head to your local retailer or our webstore to purchase your copy today! Don’t forget to keep checking back here for more news and previews related to Star Wars roleplaying.



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