28 February 2014 | Talisman

Enter the Firelands

The Firelands Expansion for Talisman Is Now Available


The appointed time has arrived, and Talisman lies in peril with the fiery onslaught of the Ifrit. Your quest for the Crown of Command just became a lot hotter with the release of The Firelands expansion for Talisman Revised 4th Edition, now available through our webstore and at your local retailer!

Wreathed in Flame

The Firelands introduces a host of danger to the realm of Talisman, and if you take too long on your journey, you may feel the fire licking at your heels. The Ifrit – once enslaved to create the Crown of Command – have risen to attack the land of Talisman, burning everything in their path.

In our first preview, we looked at some of the most deadly new Adventure Cards: those featuring the Ifrit. The Ifrit are not content to merely engage you in battle or psychic combat. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of Talisman, and many cards included in The Firelands instruct you to burn cards, removing them completely from the game! If you fail to confront these mighty foes, your most needed resources may burn away, leaving you defenseless before a tide of fire.

But burning your cards is not the limit of the Ifrit’s potential. The Ifrit also spread fireland tokens across the Regions of Talisman, and any character that enters a space with a fireland token must lose a life. The Ifrit are ready to burn all of Talisman to ash and bone, and you must face their fire if you wish to complete your quest.

Hope for Rain

You’ll find more in The Firelands than danger, however. Other new Adventure and Spell Cards give you the opportunity to defend yourself against the Ifrit’s volcanic assault. Some Objects and Spell Cards even give you the opportunity to reshape the land of Talisman by laying Terrain Cards over a space. However you use this power, it’s certain to change your adventures dramatically.

New characters also become available to you in The Firelands, as we saw in our second preview. The Warlord can conscript Followers into her army, giving her great resilience in battle. The Jin Blooded flits across the board, gathering fate and Spells, binding Spells cast against him and taking them as his own. The Nomad wanders endlessly, and her knowledge of the world keeps her out of much danger. Finally, the Dervish spins, quick and fearless in battle, and proficient with Weapons. One of these characters, noble and foul, just might be the one you can lead to the Crown of Command!

Finally, The Firelands expansion offers a host of variants with three new Alternative Ending Cards! Alternative Ending Cards change the rules of the game by replacing your goal of claiming the Crown of Command and destroying your opponents with new objectives. If you use a Revealed Alternative Ending, all players know their new objectives, but if you choose to use a Hidden Alternative Ending, the endgame remains secret until one player reaches the Crown of Command… and they may find a nasty surprise waiting for them there!

The Fire Rises

The Firelands lie open to you, offering adventure and danger. Are you ready to face the threat of the Ifrit and rise a hero of the land of Talisman? Pick up your copy of The Firelands at your local retailer today!

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