20 February 2014 | Relic

Enemies of the Imperium

A Preview of Relic: Nemesis


Recently we announced Nemesis, an expansion for Relic. With the option to add up to six players to Relic, along with four new Scenarios, two new playable Imperium characters, and four playable Nemeses, Nemesis also adds player versus player combat to Relic.

In today’s preview, expansion designer Alex Davy takes a closer look at player versus player combat in the Enemies of the Imperium game mode.

A Word from the Developer

Playing the Enemies of the Imperium mode adds a sort of doomsday clock to the Relic experience, and the game feels more like a race than ever. With a Nemesis in play, the defenders of humanity can no longer afford to be complacent. Once a Nemesis reaches 25 infamy, the game is over, the Nemesis player wins, and a grievous blow is dealt to the Imperium of Man.

From a gameplay perspective, players can no longer spend tons of time leveling up and collecting relics until they are all-powerful before entering the inner tier. They must either face and vanquish the Nemesis in direct player-vs.-player combat, or race to the center before they are entirely ready, trusting the Emperor to guide them to final victory.

Relic is also more interactive than ever before. Each Nemesis brings a unique threat to the table, and a new way for the Nemesis to menace the other players. With Specimen X in play, Imperium players must frantically clear away Tyranids from the board before the Broodlord grows overwhelmingly powerful.

If facing the subtle threat of Luxuria, Imperium players must keep their corruption low and avoid hoarding influence less they fall victim to the allure of Slaanesh.

The Nemesis expansion also changes the nature of the game board. Much as Imperium players must travel the sector battling Threat cards and completing missions, the Nemesis player (or players) must do battle with the Imperium’s finest, drawing cards from the brand-new Imperium deck and doing battle with Imperial Guardsmen, Space Marines, Leman Russ battle tanks, and more! If the Nemesis fails to defeat these cards, they will remain on the board, aiding the Imperium players and tilting the tide of battle in favor of the loyal servants of the Emperor. Conversely, the more Enemy threat cards that accumulate on the board, the better the Nemesis player will do in its battles.

Finally, the Enemies of the Imperium mode brings not one but three totally new ways to play. Add a Nemesis player to any scenario from the base game to heighten the tension and up the challenge level. Play the Dark Alliance scenario, however, and the game is entirely different. Two to three teams fight each other for supremacy, each team composed of a twisted alliance between an Imperium player and a Nemesis player. Finally, the Shoulder to Shoulder scenario allows the Imperium players to team up against a single super-charged Nemesis, putting aside petty rivalries to achieve victory as a team.

Thanks, Alex!


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