Tame the Wildest Reaches of the Galaxy

Four New Edge of the Empire (TM) Specialization Decks Are Now Available

“The Jundland Wastes are not to be traveled lightly.”     –Obi-Wan Kenobi

In the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Roleplaying Game, a Colonist’s life is full of danger. You have your outstanding Obligations and your own reasons for avoiding the Empire, but you’re never really free from your debtors, bounty hunters, and Imperial agents. Moreover, the distant planets you seek to settle may have atmospheres and terrain as hostile as any pack of Stormtroopers.

Fortunately, four new Specialization Decks introduce plenty of tools for overcoming all the obstacles that life sets before you. Drawn from the pages of the Far Horizons sourcebook for Colonists, these Specialization Decks each offer quick and easy access to the rules for the talents and abilities from the Entrepreneur, Marshal, and Performer specializations, as well as the Colonist Signature Abilities.

Building Better Lives

For reasons as diverse as the Outer Rim planets they settle, Colonists abandon their Core World homes to explore and tame the wilderness. They may not always appear as rough and ragged as many of the other individuals you’ll find undertaking adventures at the Edge of the Empire, but Colonists are far more capable than they seem.

Most of them are well-educated, and many of them formerly lived among the professional and cultural elite. Their combination of education and hard-earned life experiences give them the courage and resilience to overcome any challenges put before them. They also tend to have a good perspective on the bigger picture. When the time is right, they can grab their tools, draw upon their extensive knowledge, and put their experience to good use.

Likewise, Specialization Decks are an excellent tool for players and GMs looking to manage Colonists and their many skills. Each comes with twenty talent cards, one for each of the talents in the targeted specialization’s talent tree. These cards ensure that you’ll have the rules for your talents close at hand, along with art designed to help immerse you more deeply into the Star Wars galaxy.

  • Entrepreneurs know the power of wealth, and handle any situation with a sharp mind and a fist full of credits. For Entrepreneurs, wealth is never a problem, just a solution.
  • Marshals keep the peace in Outer Rim towns. Often the only thing standing between law and chaos, a Marshal must dispense justice with a steady hand and steely demeanor.
  • Whether a musician, actor, comedian, or other entertainer, the Performer is always the center of attention. Using this to his advantage is the Performer’s greatest act.

Meanwhile, the Colonist Signature Abilities deck comes with eighteen cards that neatly summarize all the rules for the different talents from the two Colonist signature abilities found in the Far Horizons sourcebook, Insightful Revelation and Unmatched Expertise.

These signature abilities allow your Colonist to make a lasting impact as a paragon of his or her trade, and the cards from Colonist Signature Abilities serve as a tangible reminder of your character’s unparalleled skill and experience.

The Tools of the Trade

Outfit your Colonist for life on the galaxy’s wildest, deadliest, and most exciting planets. Whether you’re looking to ply your skills in the service of a wealthy gangster or you’re looking to tame a planet full of untapped natural resources, these Specialization Decks provide you with the tools you’ll need to build and play your Colonist the way you want.

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