14 November 2014 | Talisman

The Deep Realms

Announcing a New Expansion for Talisman


The thief ran from his pursuers, stolen purse in hand, straight into the dead end of the alley. He glanced around, then saw at his feet a grate covering a sewer entrance. Without hesitation he opened it and leapt into the darkness, landing hard, painfully, on hands and knees and dropping the stolen purse. As he fumbled for it, his fingers found a long iron key on the ground. He pocketed it, thinking it might prove useful, but still couldn’t find the purse. Only something warm and furry, maybe a dead dog. No. It was warm, and moving, and not a dog at all. The thief looked up to meet the glowing red eyes of a rat bigger than any dog he had ever seen.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Deep Realms, an expansion for Talisman 4th Edition soon to be available through our in-house manufacturing.

Designed by Jon New, the designer of Talisman: The Nether Realm, The Deep Realms allows you to travel between the Dungeon and the City regions by venturing into the dark, dank, and haunted passages that connect them. You can cross through the two corpse-filled and rat-infested Deep Realms by means of a perilous bridge or venture even deeper into an ancient system of tunnels inhabited by rats, feral pets, and much worse monsters. In the gloomy and perilous Deep Realms you will certainly encounter tremendous danger, but you may also find tantalizing wealth – or even a Talisman.

Important: Both The Dungeon and The City expansions for Talisman Revised 4th Edition are required to play with The Deep Realms.

A Bridge of Perils

Perhaps you are headed for the City and are rich with gold and trophies that you have gathered in the Dungeon. Or, you may be rushing into the Dungeon, well-armed, fearless, and eager for adventure. One route between the two realms is The Bridge, which connects the garish Skull Passage to the Rat Run. In either of these spaces, you must draw two Bridge cards to reveal what you encounter there. A Skeleton Key may be lying on the ground that will ultimately help you unlock the Portal of Power, or you may meet a Trapsmith, capable of solving any Trap that troubles you and willing to accompany you on your journey. However, if you are less fortunate, you might find yourself face to face with the armoured Zombie Knight, eternally searching for his next meal.

Of course, if you can make it over the Bridge, so can many other creatures. Entire packs of hundreds of Rats may be have made their homes in the thousand nooks and crannies of the Skull Passage. A Dragon Wraith, wandering far from the tomb where its decaying bones rest, may haunt the Rat Run, no longer able to breathe fire but terrifying enough to make even the bravest, most experienced adventurers go insane.

Tunnels Without Light

From Thieves’ Alley in the City and the Cavern space in the Dungeon you can enter the lower part of the Deep Realms, the tunnels where the grotesque Rat Queen and the dread Wraith Lord dwell. In that utter darkness, escaped pets have become feral and grown to monstrous sizes, while golems, sphinxes, and other nightmarish creatures are at their most powerful. You cannot use the tunnels to go between the Dungeon and the City, but you may be fortunate enough to find there the fabled and sinister Stygian Talisman.

When you enter the Catacombs or the Old Sewers, you draw three Tunnel Cards and encounter the first one that turn. On your next two turns you can either escape back to the light of the City or the Dungeon’s labyrinths, or you can continue and see whether an Enemy, such as a Living Statue, or a Magic Object, such as the deadly Horn of Dread, lies in your path.

If you choose to persist still, you will enter either the Throne Room or the Rat’s Nest, depending on which space you came from. In the Throne Room, you must fight the Wraith Lord in psychic combat. Those who muster enough Craft to defeat him receive a treasure from the Dungeon before moving on to the Ruins in the Outer Region. Awaiting you in the Rat’s Nest is the giant Rat Queen, who has a Strength of three. If you can conquer this vermin, you will be rewarded with an Object from the City’s Armoury or Magic Emporium before you return to the City.

The Secrets of the Underground

The sunless Catacombs, haunted Skull Passage, and the dank, decaying Old Sewers are not for the faint of heart. In addition to the ubiquitous rats and grasping wraiths, there are traps throughout the Deep Realms that may not only delay you, but take your life. There are disembodied souls that will drain your sanity and disgusting slime that will cling to your weapons, rendering them useless. Yet if you can muster the courage to face these terrors, the rewards are more than worth the risk.

Talisman: The Deep Realms will open up for your exploration soon.


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