31 January 2014 | BattleLore

Enter the Scenario Builder

A Free BattleLore Map Editor Is Now Online


Once the royal seat of King Daqan, the Citadel of Archaut is the grandest castle in Terrinoth. It plays host to the Council of Thirteen, and so is the political center of the Daqan Lords. The Steward of the Citadel commands the Citadel Guard, a force comprised of knights and soldiers from every Barony and Free City. When the Daqan Lords wage war, it is in the halls of the Citadel that they draw their battle plans. 

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the open beta of the BattleLore Scenario Builder! The BattleLore Scenario Builder is a free online tool that invites you to create your own exciting scenarios and battlefields for BattleLore Second Edition and publish them online for the world to experience and enjoy. The gates of the Scenario Builder have opened, and other commanders await your presence. Enter the Scenario Builder and prepare for war!

Watch the video trailer of the BattleLore Scenario Builder above or on FFG's YouTube channel!

An Open Beta

The BattleLore Scenario Builder will be in the beta stage for the next few weeks, as we gather feedback and improve its functionality.

  • Mobile devices are not supported at this time.
  • Currently, the Scenario Builder beta is only compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox web browsers.
  • We have no plans to delete existing user content when the beta period ends.
  • We invite all users of the Scenario Builder open beta to offer feedback by posting on our forums.

Draw Lines of Battle

The BattleLore Scenario Builder offers a wide array of tools, all intuitively designed to allow you to create any scenario you can imagine, using any terrain tile, token, or unit from BattleLore Second Edition. You can find detailed instructions on how to use the Scenario Builder on the Scenario Builder’s About page. Whether you want to place every unit, or simply designate setup hexes and muster a new army every game, the Scenario Builder has the tools you need. Add the necessary text regarding objectives, special rules, and setup, and your scenario is ready to play!

Once your scenario is ready, you can simply export the scenario as a pdf file, ready to print out and play with your friends. If you have more than one copy of BattleLore Second Edition, the Scenario Builder will add hex tiles, tokens, and units to accommodate, and any new expansions for BattleLore Second Edition will also be added to the Scenario Builder.

Publish Your Maps

After you’ve completed a scenario, you are free to publish it to the Scenario Builder’s database for other players to see and play. You can continue to edit scenarios after you’ve created or published them, and the Scenario Builder will automatically save each version of a scenario.

You can access scenarios created by players around the world through the Scenario Builder, if you enjoy a scenario, you can “like” it. Scenarios with more “likes” will move higher on the “Top Rated Scenarios” list. Every public scenario is available for you to download as a pdf file, ready for you and your friends to play.

Official Quests Already Available

You can start using the Scenario Builder to download and enjoy scenarios even before you create your first battlefield. Richard Borg, the designer of the first edition of BattleLore, has contributed four new BattleLore Second Edition scenarios to the BattleLore Scenario Builder! A sleeping Daqan army must defend against a sudden attack in Desolation of the Chaos Lord, and an Uthuk Y’llan raiding force strikes at a marching Daqan army in Ambush. Defense of Silverholt forces the Daqan Lords’ army to desperately hold back the Uthuk horde, and in Frontier Courier, the Uthuk Y’llan seek to break the Daqan Lords’ defensive lines before the Daqan can warn their reserves of danger.

Richard Borg’s scenarios are not the only official battles you’ll find at the Scenario Builder. Fantasy Flight’s BattleLore developers have also created three new scenarios for BattleLore Second Edition. The Final Bastion allows the Uthuk Y’llan to besiege the town of Miller’s Hill, with only a small Daqan garrison to stand in their way. In Roc and a Hard Place, the Daqan Lords must keep a wounded Roc from being slain by Uthuk hunters, and The Fields of Valor brings the Daqan Lords and the Uthuk Y’llan together in a pitched battle to decide the fate of Terrinoth!

The doors to the Scenario Builder are open! Are you prepared to create, study, and recreate a wealth of new scenarios for BattleLore Second Edition? Log in to the BattleLore Scenario Builder now!


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