The Cloud City Grand Prix

An Edge of the Empire: The Jewel of Yavin Designer Diary

Whether you think of TIE fighters pursuing the Millenium Falcon through an asteroid field or Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa piloting speeder bikes through the forest moon of Endor, high-speed chases and races are iconic moments in the Star Wars universe.

We recently announced The Jewel of Yavin, an upcoming supplement for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ that focuses on a gem heist and a con scheme. Scoundrels, thieves, and slicers will have ample opportunity to shine in this adventure!

However, your typical Edge of the Empire crew includes a pilot or a gunner as well, and during this adventure they get to show off their skills for more than just the getaway. Designing the race was one of the highlights of developing The Jewel of Yavin, and in today’s designer diary, developer Katrina Ostrander discusses the Cloud City Grand Prix.

A Word from the Developer

When it comes to Cloud City, most galactic citizens think of high stakes gambling tournaments and the orange-colored cloud cars. It should come as no surprise that the two things are combined every year in a spectacular race through the clouds.

The Cloud City Grand Prix pits the top airspeeder pilots from around the galaxy in a test of skill, cunning, and determination. Along with the prestige and prize money comes VIP access to the grand gala and auction, where the Player Characters can begin to execute their con.

Like any top-caliber race, strategy is key, and preparing for the race is at least as important as the race itself. Savvy PCs can size up the competition and gain some insight as to their tactics, or they can recruit a pilot or co-pilot to help fill out their team. They can trick out their ride by installing brand-new custom attachments and modifications for vehicles silhouette 2 and smaller, featured for the first time in this adventure. More daring crews might even try to cheat the odds ahead of time, if they’re not above making a few “special modifications” to their opponent’s cloud cars.

For characters not participating in the race directly, the Cloud City Grand Prix represents an opportunity to do some last-minute preparations for the heist or to try and get closer to their marks. Those that stay to watch can find a bookie to place bets with to make a tidy profit on the side. They can also assist their allies from the grandstands, relaying key information about placing and hazards from the holoscreens.

This info can be especially useful, as each leg of the track is fraught with its own particular brand of danger. In addition to dodging flocks of tibannuk, massive beldons, and aggressive velkers, racers have each other to contend with. Outright destroying rival cloud cars is against the rules, but a little “friendly fire” is allowed—and encouraged—in order to maintain or gain the lead. Of course, the sponsors of the race have their own hands to play as well, just to ensure that there’s something exciting to shoot on the holovids.

To help capture the thrill of a race mechanically, we’ve built upon the chase rules to track place value as well. Going faster will help you win, but pushing your cloud car will make it harder to control. Advantage, Threat, Triumph, or Despair can also affect your team’s standing, with some suggestions included in the table below.

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Game Masters can take these rules and adapt them to run their own races, whether it’s the Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare or the Blockade Runner’s Derby on Ord Mantell.

Pre-Order Today!

Thanks, Katrina! Get a team together, customize your cloud car, and get ready for a high-octane race through Bespin’s Cloud City in The Jewel of Yavin. Pre-order your copy today at your local retailer, and keep checking back for more news and information related to Star Wars roleplaying!


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