22 January 2014 | Relic


Announcing an Expansion for Relic


Chaos has engulfed the far-flung Antian Sector. In its centre, the great Warp Rift pulses like a raw wound, drawing the dark attentions of powerful new foes, dreadful beings who even now circle the sector like predators stalking an injured beast of prey. In this time of strife, can a divided Imperium survive against so many foes––or will the sector run red with the blood of the faithful while the great works of mankind burn?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Nemesis, an expansion for the Relic board game. As the war in the warp-rift torn Antian Sector rages on, deadly new threats to the Imperium are converging there, drawn by the dark powers of Chaos. These Nemeses are eager to carve out a place for themselves, dislodge the Imperium’s hold on the sector, and crush the Emperor’s agents once and for all.

Player Versus Player

For the first time, Nemesis introduces player versus player combat in an optional new Enemies of the Imperium game mode. Enemies of the Imperium allows up to two players to play as Nemeses instead of characters, such as a World Eaters Beserker, or a Eldar Dire Avenger.  

Nemesis players work to gain infamy by defeating agents of the Imperium, and resolving engagements throughout the Sector. As each side vies for control of the Antian Sector, Nemesis players and Imperium characters can clash in battle. By gaining enough infamy, Nemesis players can prevent the Imperium from resolving the scenario in the Inner Tier, delivering a mighty blow to the Imperium’s presence in the Antian Sector and winning the game.

The Enemies of the Imperium game mode isn’t the only way players can oppose each other. The Nemesis expansion also adds player versus player combat through a standalone Apostates versus Devotee mechanic. Nemesis introduces new Apostate wargear, proscribed technology created by enemies of the Imperium. Characters who choose to try to use these weapons become Apostates, subject to the prosecution of other, more puritanical, Devotee characters.

New Playable Characters

Meanwhile, two new playable Imperium characters make their way to the Antian Sector: an Eversor Assassin and a Storm Trooper Sergeant. Eager to push back the encroaching Chaos in the Emperor’s name, these two new characters will battle their way throughout the sector, facing deadly new enemies and gathering an arsenal of new wargear.

Nemesis also allows your group to add up to two more players to Relic for epic, six-player games, and four new scenarios add even more dangerous and deadly twists to Relic than ever before.

New Threats to the Antian Sector

Relic: Nemesis is scheduled to arrive in the second quarter of 2014. Whether you’re bent on the destruction of the Imperium, or seek to bring the Emperor’s light to the Antian Sector, Relic: Nemesis is a must-have for enhancing your Relic experience. 


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