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A Focus on the Side Events of the World Championship Weekend, November 7-10

Now that Gen Con Indy 2013 has come and gone, we’re turning our focus toward the year’s top Organized Play event – the FFG World Championship Weekend!

From November 7th – 10th, the world’s top players will converge in Roseville, MN to compete in World Championship contests for our Organized Play games:

You’ll have your chance to compete against Regional Champions, North American Champions, and former World Champions. What’s more, several countries are sending their National Champions, meaning that when you attend the World Championship Weekend, you’ll be participating in a truly global event!

More Chances to Play Your Favorite Games

The World Championship Weekend is the apex of Organized Play, and you’ll find no higher level of quality competitors anywhere in the world. Still, this year the World Championship Weekend offers you more opportunities than ever before to enjoy the games!

We have updated our World Championship Weekend schedule of events (pdf, 467 KB) with additional tournaments for your favorite games, as well as LCG® league play, massive X-Wing multiplayer battles, and staff challenges, where you can win prizes by defeating FFG employees.

2013 FFG World Championship Weekend – Side Events A Game of Thrones Civil War Tables Android: Netrunner, Challenge Tables Call of Cthulhu Conspiracy Tournament League Play Second Chance Tournaments Star Wars™: The Card Game, Challenge Tables Star Wars™: The Card Game, Multiplayer Tournament Warhammer: Invasion, Cataclysm Tournament X-Wing™ Escalation Tournament X-Wing™ Furballs

You can click on any of the above events to find full event details.

A Four-Day Celebration of Great Games

Each World Championship tournament can have only one victor, but the wealth of side events at the World Championship Weekend means that the weekend is far more than your chance to win exclusive prizes and ultimate bragging rights; it’s a four-day celebration of great games!

Register today to join us for the fun and festivities and to take your shot at the world’s top prize!

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