14 August 2013 | BattleLore

An Interview with Richard Borg

Richard Borg Shares His Thoughts on BattleLore Second Edition


BattleLore Second Edition is a game of brutal warfare and epic strategy, inviting you to control the Daqan Lords or the Uthuk Y’llan as they battle over the fields of Terrinoth. Fantasy Flight Games contacted Richard Borg, the original designer of BattleLore, to find out his thoughts on the new edition. Read our interview with him below, and look at the game’s description page to find out more about this new game of gripping fantasy battles!

FFG: What excites you the most about BattleLore Second Edition? RB: Fantasy Flight has moved BattleLore Second Edition forward to the high fantasy setting of Terrinoth. Similar to other second edition releases by the company, there are a number of new mechanics and interesting game play elements that are featured in the overall concept. The design team has gone to great lengths to make entry into the second edition very player friendly. The presentation of the basics, like ordering units, movement, combat and other play concepts are very straightforward and are explained in the basic rules booklet. Answers to more complex game situations that may arise are addressed in the supplement twelve-page reference manual. The scenario creation system is just plain fun to play around with.

FFG: How did the high fantasy setting of Terrinoth affect the game design? RB: With such a rich environment, and related items already in Fantasy Flight’s game line, it should be of no surprise that some first edition BattleLore elements would be changed and updated. Some elements were replaced by bigger and bolder concepts. The game figures, for example, are larger to show off their detail, but this in turn called for an adjustment to the number of figures in a unit.

Some of the detailed figures from BattleLore Second Edition

Speaking of game figures and units, the mechanics of how they move and do battle in the second edition are very different from first edition BattleLore units. Probably the most exciting thing about the BattleLore Second Edition setting of Terrinoth is that with such a rich environment, the design space and expansion potential are almost unlimited.

FFG: What are your thoughts on the new scenario building system? RB: By design, the new scenario building system will allow players to quickly create interesting and challenging battles. Each faction has seven unique scenario cards that picture the faction’s half of the battlefield and areas for unit deployment. When both factions have selected a scenario card, the two cards form the field of battle. Seven cards for each faction will provide players with a wealth of scenario possibilities. Fantasy Flight’s unit point system for mustering an army provides players with a complete scenario construction package.

Each scenario card presents unique challenges and opportunities

FFG: Which of the two factions in the game do you like the most, Daqan or Uthuk? RB: This is a difficult choice. Both factions are unique and have certain strengths that will require a player to play to these strengths to gain victory. Each unit in a faction’s army has its own unique traits and abilities, and although this may seem a bit much at first, the unit reference cards will provide players a useful summary until you become familiar. Each faction also has its own deck of lore cards and like classic BattleLore the lore cards have a lore cost that must be spent to play the effect on the card.

FFG: Are there any other thoughts you would like to share with the fans? RB: Courage to all, for this day together we start on a new adventure. We have not, and will never forget our past, yet to go forward we will need to embrace a new and sometimes different direction. As we embark on this journey and travel down paths in a new setting, we will build on the knowledge gained from our past, knowing that it has paved the way for a bright future filled with new challenges and memorable experiences. Enjoy!

Thanks, Richard!

Are you ready for epic fantasy conflict? As deadly creatures roam the battlefield, only your courage and a keen tactical mind can protect you and your men. To find out more information about BattleLore Second Edition, head to the description page, and prepare to go to war in the fourth quarter of 2013!


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