26 July 2013 | Organized Play

A New Array of Knowledge

Updated FAQs and Tournament Rules Are Now Available

Gen Con Indy is quickly approaching, and attendees will soon battle for the North American Champion titles for each of our Organized Play games. In preparation for the contests, our developers have updated the FAQ and Tournament Rules for each game. There’s no better time to review these documents and make sure your deck or army is ready for the conflicts to come!

New Questions, New Rulings

Whether you’re flying in high-speed dogfights as part of the X-Wing North American Championships tournament, jacking in to make a run in a fun game of Android: Netrunner with your friend, leading your House to the Iron Throne in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, or facing the terrors of ancient worlds in Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, you can be sure to benefit from an examination of the updated FAQs and Tournament Rules that can be found on their support pages, or by following the links below:

(Click on any of the above links to find the game’s FAQ and Tournament Rules, along with an introduction by the game’s developers.)

Whether you’re leading an army through the war-torn Old World in Warhammer: Invasion, working to restore balance to the Force in Star Wars: The Card Game, or enjoying any of our other Organized Play games, you can find answers to your questions from them newly updated FAQ and Tournament Rules. Download your copies today.

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