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The FAQ and Tournament Rules for Warhammer: Invasion Have Been Updated


Constant war wracks the Old World of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, and massive armies rampage across the war-torn land. Minions of Chaos spread pestilence and sow corruption, hordes of Orcs tear through cities and raze them to the ground, proud High Elves ride steeds swiftly through enemy ranks, and every race draws strength from ancient animosities. Amid the chaos of battle, you can never know quite what to expect. Still, knowledge of the battlefield is critical, and you’ll find no better way to improve your knowledge than by downloading the game’s newly updated FAQ (pdf, 1.3 MB) and Tournament Rules (pdf, 4.7 MB)!

Just in time for the North American Championships at Gen Con Indy, these documents ensure the overall health of the game and its metagame, and the game’s developers introduce the documents’ most substantial updates below:

A Word from the Developers

After the last major update to the FAQ we have seen a great leap forward in deck diversity and strategies along with a rise in the diversity of races being played at tournaments. This updated FAQ is intended to further improve the metagame and its diversity. It adds a few more cards to the Restricted List, breaking up some overpowered card combinations, and forcing players to make more meaningful choices when they build their decks.

Additionally, several cards received errata in this FAQ, to prevent abuse by players and limit their overall impact in the game. These cards include Convocation of Eagles (City of Winter, 84), Fists of Mork (City of Winter, 82), and Snotling Invasion (Fragments of Power, 38). Other cards have received restriction, as follows:

Wurrzag (Battle for the Old World, 41) and The Unending Horde (Rising Dawn, 6) are staples of a very popular Orc control deck that has risen to prominence in the past few months. These restrictions are intended to create variety for this particular deck and force players to choose how they want the deck to play.

Pleasure Cults (Vessel of the Winds, 79) has been restricted, because the Dark Elves current cardpool allows for an unhealthy level of board control. We feel that players should have to make hard choices about how their deck controls the game, thus making this restriction a necessity.

Finally, the card End Times (Faith and Steel, 120) is now restricted as well. The recent Regionals Championships season has shown that a deck centered on End Times is extremely powerful in a way that subverts the core structure of the game. This restriction is necessary to prevent the worst abuses of this card.

Brad Andres Lukas Litzsinger Fantasy Flight Games

Thanks, Brad and Lukas!

Are you prepared to battle for dominion of the Old World? Will you prevail, or will your opponents rise triumphant over your grave? Hone your knowledge of battle by downloading the updated FAQ and Tournament Rules from the Warhammer: Invasion support page, and prepare for unending war!

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