World Championship Weekend 2013

Test Your Mettle with the World's Best, November 7-10 in Roseville, MN

Challenge the world’s best players in your favorite game this November 7–10 at the FFG Event Center in Roseville, MN!

Last year, we were thrilled to be able to host the inaugural FFG World Championship Weekend at our headquarters. International champions flew over to compete with the best players from North America, and we were able to stream live coverage of select events, including the first ever World Championship tournaments for X-Wing and Android: Netrunner The Card Game.

This year will be even bigger and better! When you attend, you’ll face the world’s best and most enthusiastic competitors, and you’ll find a weekend full of exciting events, including multiple opportunities to enjoy your favorite games. Additionally, we’ve increased our available space to accommodate all the extra players who have recently begun to participate in FFG Organized Play. Come and join us. Register today!

More Players

Our Organized Play program has seen tremendous growth throughout 2013. We’ve witnessed the development of both X-Wing and Android: Netrunner, as well as the introduction of Star Wars™: The Card Game. These three games have all matured greatly since last year’s World Championship Weekend, and their metagames, as well as those for our other Organized Play games, have grown far more diverse and dynamic with their recent expansions, FAQs, and Tournament Rules.

All together, this growth has led to larger audiences and more dynamic metagames for all of our Organized Play games, and the 2013 World Championship Weekend will unite the best players from around the world for an extended weekend of top competition.

Do you want to take your shot at glory on the world’s highest stage? You’ll have no shortage of quality competition. This year, even more international players will come to represent their homelands, and reigning World Champions will come to defend their titles. Against the world’s best, can you make your mark?

More Events

The FFG World Championship Weekend is the crowning event our our 2013 Organized Play calendar. It’s both an opportunity for players to compete for the ultimate bragging rights in their favorite games and a four-day celebration of the best in gaming.

From Thursday through Sunday, players will have the opportunity to compete in the World Championship Tournaments for their favorite games:

But there’s plenty more to experience and enjoy! The 2013 World Championship Weekend includes multiple side events, LCG league play, and unique staff challenges. You can preview the weekend’s events by downloading our schedule for the FFG World Championship Weekend (pdf, 366 KB). We’ll continue to add to this schedule as the World Championship Weekend draws near, and we’ll offer a better look at the prizes for our World Championship tournaments shortly after Gen Con, so stay tuned!

More Space

Our Organized Play program has witnessed fantastic growth over the past year, and we look forward to making this year’s FFG World Championship Weekend one of gaming year’s absolute top, “can’t miss” events. Among other things, this means that we’ve secured more space for our World Championship tournaments and other events.

You’ll have plenty of room to play, even as you’re surrounded by a large and vibrant community of other gamers who share your enthusiasm for your favorite games!

Register Today

Once you’ve downloaded this year’s World Championship Weekend schedule and identified the events you want to attend, you can start making your plans to join us by registering today!

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