Nowhere Is Safe

Cataclysm Is Now Available for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game


“Towering citadels of bone and sinew burst upwards from the ground at the command of cackling mages. The parched lands crack and split to reveal mass graves, moaning faces, hissing lava. Monstrous terrors prowl the wilderness in search of fresh meat. Nowhere is safe.”     –Warhammer, “War Unending”

Though the battles have raged for years, the war is just now ready to intensify. Cataclysm, the fourth deluxe expansion for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at local retailers and online through our webstore!

Cataclysm raises the stakes with 159 new player cards (three copies each of fifty-three different cards) and the addition of multiplayer rules that create a dramatic alternative to the game’s standard head-to-head format. For the first time, players can take to the field in a free-for-all melee. While battling over key fulcrums, each player strives to collect enough dominance to establish his superiority and rout his opponents.

Meanwhile, each faction receives new cards for use in both the multiplayer and head-to-head formats, and you will find that the tumultuous upheaval of Cataclysm introduces a wealth of new opportunities!

Battle for the Fulcrums

The multiplayer format for Cataclysm introduces a new card type, the fulcrum, and controlling these new fulcrums is the key to dominance over the Old World. In multiplayer games, you no longer win by burning your opponents’ zones. Instead, you win by scoring and securing dominance points. At the end of every round, each fulcrum you control grants you a number of dominance points. The longer you can hold a fulcrum, the closer it will bring you to ultimate victory.

Fulcrums do more than simply advance you along your path to dominance. They can also provide important benefits and special abilities. Each turn, you can choose to place an uncorrupted unit from your battlefield on top of a fulcrum you control to “channel” it. When your unit channels a fulcrum, you gain access to the unique benefits if offers, and sometimes, those benefits may give you the edge you need to win the war for the Old World.

As you and your opponents battle back and forth, burn districts, and jockey for position, even a single point of dominance can prove the deciding factor in your quest for victory. By channeling the Dreadfire Portal (Cataclysm, 54) and destroying the unit you used to channel it, you can steal one dominance from an opponent. This is in addition to the one dominance this fulcrum already provides for controlling it. Other fulcrums can bolster your units in battle, corrupt your foes, or help you to establish tenuous alliances, but Dreadfire Portal and its special ability directly carry you one step closer to victory, while pushing your most threatening opponent further away.

Sometimes, in order to win, you need to take a chance. Seizing the Magewrath Throne (Cataclysm, 59) is a bold gambit for any player. Because it provides two dominance at the end of every round, controlling this fulcrum can prove vital, but any time you take control of it, you must immediately lose one dominance. If you can continue to hold the Magewrath Throne, the two dominance that it grants every round will quickly outweigh the initial cost, but there’s no guarantee you can maintain control of a fulcrum throughout the bloody battles of Warhammer: Invasion. You must decide for yourself whether or not to climb the treacherous steps of Magewrath Throne!

A New Form of Battle

In the new battles of Cataclysm, everything changes. Your capital will come under siege from not just one opponent, but several. You and the Old World will see battles so large as to stagger the mind. Blood will flow, the battlefield with be strewn with corpses, and you must navigate your way to victory through the clever manipulation of fulcrums and dominance.

The battles are bigger and bloodier than ever with the new cards and gripping player interactions of Cataclysm. Head to your local retailer, or visit our webstore, to pick up your copy today!

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