Journey to Another World

Feeders From Within, an Arkham Horror Novel, Is Now On Sale

"Hush now, Doctor.” She heard the lens turn toward her. “The Feeders are happy where they are. We need to entice them away from the Sleeper’s warmth. And for that, we need you.” Carolyn saw Mr. Stone raise a claw, showing her the strange, multi-bladed knife it held. Behind her, Nightingale shifted his stance. She felt his grip on her change. “Sorry we can’t make this quick, kid,” he said calmly. “But blood magic takes time.” As the points of the knife pressed into her throat, Carolyn Fern closed her eyes and waited for peace to come.”

Feeders from Within, the newest novel in the Arkham Horror universe, is now available at your local retailer and on our webstore! Written by Peter J. Evans, this thrilling new novel of otherworldly adventure and terror explores the small town of Arkham, and the creatures that lurk in the dimensions beyond. Last week, we shared the first chapter. Now, find out what happens next in Feeders from Within, on sale now!

Discover the Awful Truth

When psychologist Carolyn Fern visits Arkham to investigate the mysterious death of one of her patients, she finds herself in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than she could have imagined. During the course of her investigation, she tracks down ex-soldier Mark Harrigan, who is still reeling from the horrors of his time in the service and his own personal tragedy. When their paths cross with a young woman who nearly died trying to reveal the unthinkable happenings inside a local cult, Carolyn and Mark must face the darkness threatening to destroy Arkham – and the world.

Discover the awful truth for yourself. Head to your local retailer or our webstore today to pick up your copy of Feeders from Within!

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