Rout Your Foes with Faith and Steel

The Final Chapter Pack in the Eternal War Cycle Is Now Available


“The fearsome Battle Wizards of the Colleges of Magic destroy the Emperor’s enemies with powerful spells, and heavily armoured horsemen of the Knightly Orders crush their foes beneath their thunderous charges.”     –Warhammer: The Empire

The Empire’s greatest mage has arrived to join his nation’s Knightly Orders on the field of battle. Faith and Steel, the sixth and final Battle Pack in the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at local retailers and online through our webstore!

Faith and Steel lends new strength to the Empire’s cause, and to each of the game’s six races. The Empire gains the powerful new legend, Balthasar Gelt (Faith and Steel, 101); an efficient support card that’s great for the early game; a versatile Mission quest; and a new Ambush unit. Meanwhile, the Empire’s allies and enemies also gain valuable units, supports, and tactics, all of which they will soon employ in the final, climactic battles of the Eternal War cycle!

Steeds and Steel and Spells

The Old World of Warhammer: Invasion is torn by constant strife. Soldiers clash and die on blood-soaked battlefields. Though the members of other races find inspiration in ancient enmities, fueled by the rage that burns in their bellies, men of the Empire gain their strength from faith and steel. They find a shining example of courage and valor in their patron deity, Sigmar, and they draw hope from such sights as lines of fully armored knights charging through their foes.

Now, as the Empire’s Knightly Orders thunder across the Old World’s battlefields, the Empire’s armies gain further support from the arrival of the nation’s most powerful wizard, Balthasar Gelt. Much as the threat of his spells makes the Empire’s swords, spears, and lances all the more effective, the cards from Faith and Steel complete and enhance the battlefield-focused strategies enabled by the Eternal War cycle.

The sample deck list below illustrates how Faith and Steel and the other Battle Packs from the Eternal War cycle offer new hope to the Empire’s Knights.

Legend (3): Balthasar Gelt x3

Units (15): Glorious Preceptor x3 Knights Panther x3 Osterknacht Elite x3 Panther Champion (The Ruinous Hordes, 86) x3 Rodrik’s Raiders x3

Supports (20): Chapterhouse Stables (Battle for the Old World, 49) x3 Church of Sigmar x3 Clockwork Horse x3 Pyromancy (The Ruinous Hordes, 87) x3 Runefang of Solland x3 The Emperor’s Statue (Faith and Steel, 103) x3

Tactics (6): Ancient Map x3 Call for Reserves x3 Devoted to Taal (Battle for the Old World, 48) x2

Quests (6): Protect the Empire x3 Recon in Force (Faith and Steel, 102) x3

This Empire deck is built around the Knight trait and makes use of no fewer than twenty cards from the Eternal War cycle, including the key ingredients of its alchemy, Chapterhouse Stables and Balthasar Gelt. These cards both provide early power and can greatly reduce the cost of the first Knight unit played each turn, meaning that when you ride through your opponent’s units with the Osterknacht Elite (The Eclipse of Hope, 87), you’ll still have plenty of resources to send more Knights to your battlefield and to pay for abilities like that of the Knights Panther (Redemption of a Mage, 64).

Of course, Balthasar Gelt’s ability reduces the cost of the first card you play each turn, no matter the type, so while his ability can combine with that of the Chapterhouse Stables to reduce the cost of your first Knight, it can also reduce the cost of your Chapterhouse Stables, itself, or of tactics such as Call for Reserves (Legends, 21), which can return your Osterknacht Elite to your hand to conduct another charge.

Meanwhile, Devoted to Taal ensures that you won’t lose any highly valuable cards to Balthasar Gelt’s experience, Recon in Force provides card draw and allows you to recycle valuable units and tactics from your discard pile, and the Panther Champion makes an imposing defender when he quests to Protect the Empire (Arcane Fire, 5). In fact, one or two Panther Champions can greatly mitigate enemy attacks when they’re equipped with the Runefang of Solland (Warpstone Chronicles, 85), Pyromancy, and one or more copies of the Clockwork Horse (Realm of the Phoenix King, 23).

To War!

The Eternal War cycle has brought Warhammer: Invasion back to the battlefield with a mighty roar. Now, whether you ride with the Empire’s Knightly Orders or summon daemons to the battlefield, you’ll find bold inspiration for new decks and strategies among the sixty new cards of Faith and Steel (three copies each of twenty individual cards).

Pick up your copy of Faith and Steel today! Head to your local retailer, or order your copy online from our webstore.

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