Shadows of a Black Sun

Play STAR WARS: Edge of the Empire at Free RPG Day, June 15th

“Never underestimate the ability of wealth to make all loyalty disappear.”       –Amanza Regalo, Black Sun Vigo

The city of Coruscant, once the glittering pearl of the Republic, now languishes under the shadow of the Galactic Empire. A bustling black market flourishes in the underworld, controlled by the notorious crime syndicate Black Sun. Now, hired to infiltrate a Black Sun outpost and retrieve vital data about a treacherous bounty hunter, a small group of enterprising individuals works rapidly to access the Black Sun network....

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to once again participate in Free RPG Day, an annual event that encourages RPG enthusiasts to demo current and upcoming roleplaying games. We recently announced that the core rulebook for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™, a game set on the outskirts and the fringes of the Star Wars galaxy, will be available the first week of July. Today, we’re excited to offer fans a chance to enjoy it even sooner!

The Fringes of Society, the Heart of the Galaxy

June 15th at participating games retailers, you’re invited to take part in Shadows of a Black Sun, an introductory adventure for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. A dangerous bounty hunter is hiding amongst the populace of Coruscant, the capitol of the Empire. Over the gripping three-part adventure in Shadows of a Black Sun, the Player Characters will gather information on their target, track him through the streets of a bustling city, and (with luck and skill) face off against him in a final, deadly confrontation. But when faced with such a dangerous and highly trained target, will you remain the hunter...or become the prey?

Shadows of a Black Sun, a free introduction to Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, includes a full adventure, four pre-generated characters, and a set of basic rules to help players and Game Masters become familiar with game’s core mechanics. See if your local retailer is participating at the Free RPG Day Retailer Locator.

Play at the FFG Event Center

Do you live in the Roseville, Minnesota area? In honor of Free RPG Day, the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center will give away free copies of Shadows of a Black Sun, and our roleplaying game development team will be in attendance to answer questions and run introductory sessions. Sign up now at the Event Center to play Star Wars: Edge of the Empire with an FFG RPG designer!

Your adversary is clever, well armed, and has a head start in the Empire’s largest city. But you and your team have been tasked with bringing him in, dead or alive. Do you have what it takes?

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