23 April 2013 | Arkham Horror Fiction

Dark Forces Gather in Arkham

An Exclusive First Look at Chapter One of Feeders from Within, an Upcoming Novel

It was as though death were something half-seen under dark water, vast and cool and uninterested, occasionally brushing past him while he swam and never quite choosing to cross his path. But all things must end, especially innocence. And so it was that in the summer of 1916, in the foothills of the Sierra Madres, with the sun setting and the water gone and the Villistas closing in, that death stepped out of the shadows and presented itself to Mark Harrigan in all its glory and its myriad ways. After that, it never really left his side.

Darkness on the Rise

Feeders from Within, the upcoming Arkham Horror novel by Peter J. Evans, is coming next week! When psychologist Carolyn Fern visits Arkham to investigate the mysterious death of one of her patients, she finds herself in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than she could have imagined. During the course of her investigation, she tracks down ex-soldier Mark Harrigan, who is still reeling from the horrors of his time in the service and his own personal tragedy. When their paths cross with a young woman who nearly died trying to reveal the unthinkable happenings inside a local cult, Carolyn and Mark must face the darkness threatening to destroy Arkham – and the world.

Can’t wait for the release? Download the first chapter now (pdf, 82 KB)! Then, look for Feeders from Within on store shelves next week!


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